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“A Predator”: The “Podfather” Rips Greasy Gavin Newsom’s Hypocrisy, Explains Why He Keeps Winning

If you like listening to Joe Rogan’s world-famous podcast, you have “the Podfather”, Adam Carolla, to thank, as he’s the one whose experiment with podcasting eventually led to Rogan getting started.

But Carolla isn’t just a podcaster and comedian, he’s also an astute political observer, something made clear by his recent discussion with another podcaster and political commentator, Dan Bongino.

Speaking with Bongino on Fox News about California Governor Greasy Gavin Newsom, Carolla explained the governor’s faults and why he keeps winning despite them, saying:

He kinds of is — he’s kind of a predator. People in California are so dumb that they are they will vote for him over and over again no matter how much he tries to destroy the state.

“Let’s just break it down with Gavin Newsom. I said a year and a half ago when he got caught eating out with 27 of his closest friends at the French laundry. People called him a hypocrite. And he is a hypocrite. But I kept saying he doesn’t believe in the dangers of the virus otherwise wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing.”

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Giving an example of Newsom’s hypocrisy on one particularly hot-button issue, California’s Montana travel ban, Carolla said:

Montana. There is a travel ban. If you work for the state of California, you can’t go to the state of Montana on business spending California tax dollars. Montana is evil. They have LGBT whatever policies that are evil. So Gavin Newsom spends his money there, Gavin Newsom vacations there.

“When someone says ‘what are you doing in Montana?’, he says ‘I’m not spending taxpayer money.’ Let’s just say there was a donut shop and it was a racist donut shop. And I said I’m not going into that donut shop and no one who works for me can go into that donut shop because it’s an evil donut shop. Then minutes later you find me in there with a baker’s dozen.”

So Newsom is a major hypocrite, yet the California lefties keep voting for him because they’re dumb enough or insane enough to think that’s a good idea and unaware enough to ignore his blatant hypocrisy.

However, people might be waking up, as another person who spoke to Bongino on Fox News, reporter Katie Pavlich noted. In her view, people are fleeing blue states like New York and Greasy Gavin’s California because of the insane laws of those states. In her words:

They’re leaving places like California and New York, they’re moving to places like Florida, and Arizona.

 “And my family would say don’t come to Arizona unless you’re going to vote opposite of where you came from in California. But unfortunately for those who can’t afford to leave, you will continue to see their Second Amendment rights trampled on in places like California and New York, and victims of crime, by the way, because they can’t defend themselves.

Let’s hope people are waking up and ditching Gavin; he’s horrible.

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