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All Biological Males Will be Banned from Female School Sports with New Virginia Legislation

A state lawmaker in Virginia has now introduced a new bill that would ban public schools and colleges from allowing biological males from competing in female sports. Isn’t it sad this even has to be an issue our elected officials have to tackle? What kind of crazy upside-down dimension are we living in? Guys, we live in an age where it’s now controversial to say that boys can only be boys and girls can only be girls.

The measure, which is really nothing more than common sense, would require that students provide a form from a medical professional that certifies their biological sex and physical fitness in order to participate in a given sport.

TheBlaze reported that “Sports teams sponsored by a public educational institution would be required to designate sports teams as being for one of the two sexes, or as a coed team — biological males would not be permitted to compete on female teams.”

“While the rules would take effect for the 2023-2024 school year if the measure becomes law, the legislation will almost certainly fail to reach GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s desk because Democrats have a majority in the state Senate, the report continued.

Del. Karen Greenhalgh, a member of the GOP, is on the legislation as its patron.

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The issue of biological men competing in women’s sports has been a hot button issue with a ton of controversy as those in support of radical left-wing gender ideology essentially deny objective biology and well established reality have been all for transgendered individuals participating in the opposite sex’s sporting events.

Men and women are vastly different from one another in a biological sense. The muscle and bones of a biological male are more dense than those of a female and they have higher levels of testosterone. No amount of hormone therapy will ever change that. Thus, males have an unfair advantage over women in competition. Not to mention it makes competition for females much more dangerous.

“Biologically male swimmer Lia Thomas previously received significant attention for winning multiple competitions against biological women while competing as a swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, the school even claimed that Thomas was “the first Quaker female swimmer to win an NCAA individual title,” TheBlaze said.

“The very simple answer is that I’m not a man,” Thomas stated, according to a report from Sports Illustrated. “I’m a woman, so I belong on the women’s team. Trans people deserve that same respect every other athlete gets.”

Transgenderism used to be known as a mental illness called “gender dysphoria” and was a condition that mental health professionals sought to treat by helping the individuals come to accept the gender they were assigned biologically at birth.

Now, however, thanks to the pressures of the insane radical progressives, many psychologists and psychiatrists are indulging this illness and delusion rather than helping to correctly treat it. This has led to the push for transgendered individuals to transition physically, which includes life altering surgeries.

What the left doesn’t tell you is how many of these individuals end up regretting the surgery, so much so that a lot end up committing suicide. It’s truly tragic that these folks are being used as pawns to help the left destroy the family unit and normalize sexual perversion, all the while liberals convince them to mutilate themselves in ways that often ultimately leads to their demise.