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Amazing GOP Candidate Dr. Oz Helps Passenger With Medical Emergency on Flight

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, assisted a passenger in need during a trip from Louisville to Philadelphia over the weekend. The passenger was 27 years old. 

During the trip, a male passenger suddenly became unresponsive, and Oz and two flight crew rushed to his aid.

I was sitting in my seat, and a woman a few rows ahead of me yelled out that there was a crisis,” Oz recounted, as per Newsmax. “I ran to the bay, and a gentleman had collapsed to the ground. He had been trying to get into the bathroom.” 

When I got to him, he was conscious but disoriented,” the 62-year-old said. “I asked the stewardesses to come help and get me something with sugar in it.” 

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After drinking some soda, the passenger “started to sort of come back to himself,” Oz said. “He had a very thready pulse, so low blood pressure, and when I gave him some of this beverage, he began to feel a little better.” 

The young man was probably dehydrated, according to the retired cardiothoracic surgeon. “He had driven all night long to get to the airport, and I’m sure he was dehydrated because, with fluids, his blood pressure came up,” he explained. 

People get dehydrated all the time on planes, especially because it’s high altitude and the air is drier,” Oz continued. “Make sure you drink enough water. Caffeine doesn’t work as well as water because caffeine gets you to pee out whatever fluids you’re taking in. Just take water. … Especially because it’s summertime and it’s hot. I think that was part of what happened to this young man.” 

Oz went on to say that the flight attendants were really highly trained, retained their composure, and was able to help me wonderfully. He went on to thank them for their competence.

The physician won the Republican primary in June and will run against Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor, John Fetterman (a Democrat), in November to replace retiring Republican senator Pat Toomey. 

Emerson College found that the Democrat Fetterman is only ahead of the Republican Oz by four points (48% to 44%), significantly narrowing the double-digit lead Fetterman had held. 

After suffering a stroke just days before the primary, Fetterman has shown support for drug decriminalization and supervised injection sites while also defending Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. The contentious district attorney is being investigated by both Republicans and Democrats in the Pennsylvania legislature for allegedly failing to uphold the city’s legal code. 

Furthermore, in 2013, Fetterman angered people when he drew a revolver on a black man and detained him until police arrived, an occurrence that has caused concern among black Democratic voters. 

The Right has attacked Oz, who has had a prosperous career in the private sector, for his prior advocacy of abortion and gun control.