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“At the Beginning of the End of Wishful Thinking”: CA Gubernatorial Candidate Calls Out California’s Green Energy Disaster

It is little more than wishful thinking to think and argue that so-called “green” sources of energy, from wind turbines to solar power, will ever replace the fossil fuels energy grid. Though relying on the sun and wind makes leftists feel good, the simple fact is that the massive amount of minerals needed for such a grid, along with the inherent unreliability of relying on the wind or sun, makes such a dream delusional.

Perhaps nuclear power could replace the fossil fuel plants, but liberals tend to hate nuclear power for some reason, so they’re closing the very plants that could provide the nearly no emissions energy that they claim they want. And so we’re stuck with a delusional dream and its consequences, chiefly among which is an unreliable power grid.

Well, not all of us. Those of us living in sane states are still able to turn on the lights and keep our air conditioners running, unlike the citizens of California, where things aren’t going so well right now thanks to the delusions of that state’s leftist “leadership.”

But that might soon be coming to an end, as California gubernatorial candidate Michael Schellenberger recently pointed out during a Fox News Channel appearance, saying:

 “I think it’s fair to say we are at the beginning of the ends of wishful thinking. Those in California and the rest of the United States and Europe, you see there was a lot of fantastic ideas people had with harmonizing with nature with solar and wind mills and batteries. It’s not working out. It’s basically a state religion, and they are claiming to be surprised by a heat wave.

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“They announced they are banning gals powered cars sales by 2035 and 3 days later they tell us not to charge our vehicles. Brian: you understand, you are not somebody who is irresponsible about the environment. But you also don’t think it’s right to torch the American people with energy that isn’t ready.”

The consequences of their delusional ideas are finally coming home to roost and the energy grid isn’t holding up despite all those “investments” in solar power and windmills. And so people who believed in the delusions might finally be waking up to the consequences of it.

Unfortunately, not all of the Democrats are waking up to the reality of the current situation. Many are still far-left radicals, as Sean Hannity exposed during his program, saying:

All right, the midterm race is now 60 days away. One thing is now more clear than ever, Democrats are running the most extreme, the most far left, the most radical candidates of any election cycle I’ve ever covered and by the way, in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin. Far left candidates doubling down on pro crime open borders, Green New Deal, socialism agenda.”

So while the average person might be at the end of the “wishful thinking” track, their leftist overlord aren’t, which doesn’t bode well for America or its power grid.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List