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Attorney General Run Off Election in Texas

Early voting for the Texas runoff began on May 16th and continues through May 20th, and the primary runoff on Election Day is May 24th. The current attorney general Ken Paxton will face off against George P Bush on the GOP side in the primary. Paxton is running for his third term while under indictment for multiple securities-related crimes. He is also being investigated by the FBI for allegedly abusing the office and bribery. These charges stem from complaints brought by former employees. Paxton hasn’t been convicted of a crime, but the scandal around his office has left plenty for his opponent to point to why he should be attorney general.

George P Bush is currently the Texas land commissioner and is involved in no such scandals. He hasn’t had much debate with Paxton because Paxton has run his campaign without any appearances or attending any debates. Bush states that he “intends to follow the constitution and to remove corruption from the attorney general’s office. But, he said, “I will admit mistakes as they approach. I come humbly as a Christian, a father, a husband, but that, that’s the biggest difference between me and Ken is that he’s unwilling to abide by the laws established by the state, by the United States constitution.”

Bush comes from the Bush family, of which his grandfather George HW Bush was president of the United States. He is the nephew of former president and governor George W Bush and the son of Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and one-time presidential candidate. So it seems as if politics runs in his blood. Whoever does win the primary will have to face the democratic primary runoff winner, which is between a civil rights attorney and the former mayor of Galveston, TX.

Although Paxton did address his supporters on Friday night, stating that it appears he was double his opponent on the GOP side. This was his way of letting his supporters know he would need their help to be re-elected. Paxton had about 43% of the first primary vote, and land commissioner George P Bush had about 23%.

So how’re the Republicans’ face-off? Bush is looking to take on Paxton by highlighting the many scandals swirling around his office. The Texas Bar Association has investigated Paxton and is now suing him for misconduct. He faces disbarment. Bush has invited Paxton to 10 different debates since March 1st, but Paxton has refused any form of debates or media. Previously Paxton was re-elected to his second term with just a 3.5 margin. Without a strong GOP candidate to go against the Democratic opponent, the Democrats could easily win due to the scandals from Paxton’s office.

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To vote in Texas, you must be registered to vote, and you can check that on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Also, you will have to have some form of identification to vote. The following are acceptable forms of identification for voting in Texas. You must have either a Texas driver’s license issued by the Texas Department of Safety, a Texas election identification certificate, a Texas personal identification card, a Texas handgun license, a United States military identification card containing a photograph, a United States citizenship certificate which includes a picture, or a United States passport.