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Ben Shapiro Just Destroyed Biden over Ridiculous Statement

On Friday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro blasted Democratic President Joe Biden for the speech he gave the night before in Philadelphia, calling it “the worst speech I’ve ever seen.” 

Biden “really likes dissent,” Shapiro said, despite his pronouncements that his political opponents are the source of all evil.

On the contrary, Democrats have repeatedly worked to undermine the legitimacy of Republican presidents, which is why Shapiro blasted Biden and the political Left for suggesting that those who don’t accept the results of elections threaten American democracy. 

According to Shapiro, the Democrats devoted four years and millions to the idea that they were robbed out of victory or that Hillary Clinton actually won the election. Since roughly 1988, when Michael Dukakis lost to George H. W. Bush, the Democrats have refused to accept the results of any presidential election in which they did not triumph. They suspected that the 2000 election had been rigged. They refused to acknowledge George W. Bush as a lawful chief executive. Diebold voting machines and the year 2000 reportedly gave rise to the events of 2004. Facebook Russian memes played a significant role in the 2016 elections, saying Donald Trump won the elections with the help of Russia.

He went on to argue that they have no right to lecture us on respecting elections if they continue to insist that Stacey Abrams should have been elected governor of Georgia despite losing the election by 50,000 votes. When both parties refuse to accept the results of elections, it’s a severe problem. Yet, let’s not act as if there is only one side to this argument. Not at all. Both parties doing this is bad. Democrats have a rule that says if someone else does it, it’s terrible, but if they do it, it’s fantastic. 

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According to Shapiro, Democrats may pass legislation via Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to amend the Electoral Count Act so that no state’s certified votes could be disregarded. But Democrats don’t want to do that, Shapiro said since it would prevent them from campaigning on the topic. 

When he says, this line is so amazing coming from the Democrats, ‘You can’t love democracy only when you win,’ you know what the polls show, the polls show over and over and over again that Republicans remain patriotic,” Shapiro expanded. “They say they love the country even when Democrats win. Democrats change their opinions on how much they love the country based almost solely on when they are winning and losing. This has been a long-time feature of American politics. This is true under every Pew, Gallup, and every other poll that’s ever been taken; when it comes to feelings of patriotism, Republicans are very consistent that they love the country. Democrats only love the country when Barack Obama is president. And then when Donald Trump wins, boom, the patriotism just drops off the table.” 

Shapiro preceded by criticizing Biden for saying he upholds the rule of law and institutions while actually working to dismantle both. 

Later, Shapiro elaborated on how shocking the moral myopia here is. And that, along with the worst sights he has ever seen from a significant American politician, is why he considers this to be the worst speech he has ever witnessed.