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Bette Midler wants Tucker Carlson and Newt Gingrich ‘Clapped in Irons’ and dragged to jail

Unhinged actress Bette Midler has gone off the deep end once again, this time suggesting that Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Newt Gingrich should be hauled away in handcuffs and thrown in jail. She also demanded that Rupert Murdoch have his American citizenship revoked, since he was born in Australia, but she clearly hates him just about as much as she hates herself if she’s rich and famous and still spending her time on social media crying about other people.

Tucker Carlson voiced his concerns in this video, and that just might have ticked off Bette Midler – but she’s been known to be quite a circus act on her own, so we can’t really blame Tucker for her being crazy – she’s just always been a nutjob since Trump was president for a term.

What did Bette Midler say on Twitter? Well, here’s a few messages she posted, most of which they got destroyed in the comment section with people pointing to her going completely bonkers.

Bette Midler said: “#tuckercarlson should be arrested and tried for sedition and fomenting insurrection. #Murdoch should have his citizenship revoked; the damage he continues to do to our democracy will soon become irreparable. #NewtGingrich should be clapped in irons for getting him past the #FCC.”

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“Clapped in irons” basically means handcuffed and thrown in jail. Also, why is she hash-tagging Tucker Carlson when she could easily direct the message straight to him? It’s like she’s scared to get a reply from him because he would crush her soul all the way back to Hocus Pocus, which is probably her last decent act.

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Midler also said: “We have “unalienable rights?” “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?”How are citizens supposed to believe in these sacred principles if they are getting slaughtered every time they go to the store? If a government can’t deliver on this foundational promise, it’s worthless.”

How are citizens supposed to shop in stores in California when criminals are robbing them in broad daylight? Answer mine and I’ll answer yours!