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Billionaire Mark Cuban Comes For Elizabeth Warren’s Head, Says She’s a ‘Mistake’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) was called “everything that’s wrong with politics” by the billionaire Mark Cuban. 

During his participation at the Code Conference hosted by Vox Media, Cuban criticized Warren for her persistent call for an increase in the rate of taxation paid by wealthy Americans.

Cuban stated to host Kara Swisher, in response to the subject matter of liberal Democrats calling for a tax increase on affluent Americans, that he doesn’t mind getting taxed more. Twenty years ago, he published a blog post in which he argued that paying one’s taxes is the second most patriotic thing one can do after serving in the armed forces, because doing so is what enables everyone to live and thrive. 

Cuban then criticizes Warren, saying, “But yeah, the idea of ‘soak the rich,’ billionaire tears that fill that cup — screw you, Elizabeth Warren. You are everything that is wrong with politics.” 

Throughout the course of the discussion, Cuban was also critical of the two-party system that is used in American politics. 

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F***’em both,” Cuban quipped. 

Cuban and Warren have been in conflict with one another, so this is not the first time. 

During the month of October in 2021, Cuban criticized Warren for her support of the tax plan proposed by the Democrats for unrealized profits on investments. 

Cuban stated at the time that he did not believe Elizabeth Warren to have the slightest understanding of what she was speaking about when it comes to this topic. He stated that he believes that she just likes to criticize wealthy people, and he is okay with that. It is a brilliant political maneuver for her, but he is under the impression that they do not fully see the repercussions of taxing gains that have not yet been achieved. 

In response to the jab, Warren stated that Mark Cuban’s issue is not with the fact that she is ignorant of the subject matter that she is discussing. The problem for Mark Cuban is that she is quite knowledgeable in the subject matter that she is discussing. 

She made a threatening statement, “We need to change the laws so that they are not written just by the lobbyists for Mark Cuban and his buddies.” 

Cuban leveled the accusation against Warren in November 2019, saying that she was trying to divert attention away from her personal wealth while advocating for a massive tax plan on the wealthy as a presidential contender. 

The star of “Shark Tank” stated that the truth for Elizabeth Warren is that this is as much to distract people from her earnings and net worth as anything else. 

Mark Cuban’s net worth is estimated to be $4.6 billion at present. 

Additionally, Warren has engaged in a conflict with the billionaire Elon Musk. 

Warren referred to Musk as a “freeloader” when it came to paying taxes, despite the fact that Musk claimed in 2021 that he had paid the most amount of taxes in the history of the United States. 

Warren was referred to by Musk as “Senator Karen,” and he gave her the following piece of advice: “Don’t spend it all at once… oh wait, you did already.”