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Black Lives Doesn’t Even Matter To BLM, Only White Money Matters

Has there ever been a more once-popular political activist group to fall so quickly from favor? They led the anger in 2020 over George Floyd’s death, raising tens of millions of dollars for social justice groups, but have since been frequently exposed for spending that money on lavish lifestyles instead. Another BLM executive has been charged with stealing upwards of $10 million from the organization’s charity contributions, following repeated accusations earlier this year that BLM used donations to purchase mansions.

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, the national umbrella organization for local BLM chapters, has accused Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation head Shalomyah Bowers of “siphoning over $10 million to Bowers’ consulting firm,” as reported by Andrew Kerr of the Washington Examiner. Bowers is being sued for allegedly using the BLM Global Network Foundation as a “personal piggy bank,” according to a complaint filed against him on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. With all their problems, the leftist group has to answer the question: Is BLM more concerned with saving black lives or making white money?

After being caught misusing millions in donations, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors referred to the money as “white money.” That’s true, Cullors was spot-on. Donors tended to be self-righteous white folks or corporations controlled by white people who think they know better than everyone else. And they did it because they felt obligated to prevent an injustice that never existed in the first place and has been thoroughly disproved.

If something like this occurred on Wall Street, you can be sure that Democrats and other left-wing troublemakers would be up in arms, crying racism and capitalism. People have been silent because BLM is involved. However, in truth, nobody really should be shocked by this. Actions taken by BLM’s leaders are common of leftist and Marxist systems and organizations. There is nothing novel about this formula for success; it has been used for many years.

They start by picking on a specific group of people and convincing them that they are the victims of oppression and marginalization. Then, they utilize those people to stir up trouble in the name of a just cause by pitting them against one another in an amorphous “common oppressor” conflict. The leaders then live lavishly off this decadence, while the “aggrieved masses” see no improvement. In the end, life for the “oppressed” is essentially unchanged despite a change in government.

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To put it plainly, BLM was a con group. They manipulated victims of tragedies so that their leaders may live lavishly on the money they donated. To those keeping track at home, this $10 million is in addition to the $6 million used to purchase properties in Southern California. Consider how many African-American people around the country $16 million could have aided.

In addition, there is hardly any indication that BLM has taken any action to bring about the transformation they professed to seek in the nation. Is it necessary for a single “charitable” organization to steal hundreds of millions of dollars? Black Lives Matter has shown they don’t care about black lives, and it’s about time that this was pointed out. They intend to get white money, which was presumably their original intention all along.