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BOOM: Dozens of Epstein Associate Docs to Be Unsealed after Recent Ruling

Thanks to the defamation case brought by alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre against the recently convicted Ghislaine Maxwell, numerous court documents relating to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his associates are set to be unsealed, with the judge finding that the public interest in the unsealing of the materials outweighs the right to privacy of those involved in them.

The Daily Mail broke that startling news, reporting that:

Dozens of court documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein‘s associates, including a billionaire businessman, will be made public after a judge ruled the public interest outweighs the right to privacy.

Judge Loretta Preska on Friday ruled that the material concerning eight people should be unsealed despite one subject claiming it could ‘wrongfully harm (his) privacy and reputation.’

Among those whose names are mentioned in the documents are a British woman, Ghislaine Maxwell‘s former personal assistant, who was accused of taking part in the sexual abuse of minors. 

Judge Preska overrode objections from Tom Pritzker, the billionaire executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels, and ordered material related to him be made public

The Daily Mail also added that:

The trove of material has been released on a rolling basis after with the first set coming in 2019, two days before Epstein killed himself, after numerous requests from media organizations. 

A total of 16 ‘Non-Party Does’ objected to the release of the files being made public and the first set of eight have already been dealt with by the federal court in New York.

The eight Epstein associates included in the documents related to this newest release, some of whose identities will be revealed by Preska’s ruling, have so far been referred to as Does (as in “John Doe”) 12, 28, 97, 107, 144, 147, 171, and 183, but the unsealing of the documents means their identities will be revealed.

One of the eight John Does is the Hyatt Hotels executive chairman mentioned in the Daily Mail excerpt, Tom Pritzker, whose privacy concerns were found to be outweighed by the public interest in the release of the documents.

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Another is Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal assistance, Emmy Tayler. Tayler, who has denied wrongdoing in her connection with Jeffrey Epstein and his human trafficking ring, has been accused of contributing to the sexual abuse of some victims of the ring. Tayler also objected to the release of the documents.

YahooNews, adding more context to Judge Preska’s announcement that the documents will be unsealed (though there is, as of now, no timeline for their unsealing), reported that:

Since 2019, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska has released long-secret documents in the litigation on a rolling basis, giving the public a glimpse of Giuffre’s accusations about Epstein’s trafficking scheme and the men she claims participated in it. The unsealed filings also included a lengthy transcript of Maxwell’s testimony.

Some of the documents will remain sealed, however.

Judge Preska ruled that Doe 12’s documents will remain sealed because that individual was neither a victim of Epstein nor a contributor to the abuse of those victimized by Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Additionally, Judge Preska ruled that documents about Doe 28 will also remain sealed because Doe 28 is a “victim of sexual assault who continues to experience trauma as a result of these events.”

Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell did not oppose this release of documents, unlike her objections to past releases.