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BOOM: Fox News Contributor RIPS CNN, Exposes the Root of its Visceral Hatred for Trump

Appearing on Fox News, Ari Fleischer ripped into the corporate press and mainstream media for the disdain it has for the average American.

He did so by using a clip of Don Lemon and a few CNN guests to show that utter disdain that such people as the leftist hacks at CNN have for the average, Trump-supporting American, ripping the press for that disdain and for, outside the morality of it, just how dumb the idea of attacking such a large chunk of the country is for a network that frames itself as a news site. In his words:

“I wanted to begin my back to with that segment because it captures everything wrong with the media, they look down on this country. How can anybody in good conscience do that what continued was the host Don Lemon saying thanks, I needed that.

What newsroom thinks that it makes journalistic sense to mock, to have distain for half the country? And that’s exactly what it was, and that’s the problem with journalism, it’s a window into how so many of them think about anybody who might intellectually, happily, proudly, have supported President Trump.

And why does the media have that perspective? Why do all of the mainstream media and corporate press networks push the same, tired lies and slanders time and time again about Trump and his supporters?

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Because the media hacks, as Fleischer points out, are all the same type and class of people as one another, a very different crowd from the real Americans that they spend all those hours attacking. That is, CNN and the like primarily employ college-educated Democrats, the very sort that have such a visceral hatred of Trump and the MAGA movement. In his words:

“The media overwhelmingly consists of same-minded people, college-educated Democrats who only know how to write stories for fellow college-educated Democrats.

I ask students ‘who did you vote for in the last election’? 24-0 for Democrats. I had an opposition research company pull the records of the White House and how they register to vote. It’s a 12-1 ratio. Why isn’t it 1-1. Why isn’t it even? How different the news the American people would get would be. I blew the whistle on the media in this book because there are too many Democrats, too many liberals, who think alike, act alike, and they deride Republicans. This is why the mainstream media is in decline and in denial.”

The book Fleischer mentioned in his comments is Suppression, Deception, Snobbery, and Bias: Why the Press Gets So Much Wrong – And Just Doesn`t Care, a recent book he wrote in which he exposes, as implied by the title, why the press gets so much wrong and how the press has completely lost the trust of the American people it so frequently derides.

Trump, for his part, has gone even farther than Fleischer in his attacks on the media, calling it the “enemy of the people.”

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