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BOOM: Fox News DOMINATES Ratings as Jesse Watters Trounces Woke Competition

Jesse Watters, it might surprise you to learn, is just a year into having his own talking head-style show on Fox News. While he did the always hilarious Watters’ World for quite a while, the “Jesse Watters Primetime” show is a new addition to FNC’s cable lineup.

Well, despite it being so new, Watters’ show is already trouncing the competition, blowing away the jokers over at MSNBC and CNN and towering over what those networks have to offer, particularly talking heads of the Joy Reid, Brian Stelter, and Joy Reid mold. In fact, he’s even doing well compared to some of his fellow Fox News hosts.

Data on that comes from Mediate, which reported some figures that should be great news for Watters and scary news for CNN and MSNBC.

According to the Mediate report, Watters managed to pull in a whopping 3 million average viewers whereas Joy Reid only managed to bag less than half that: 1.3 million. CNN’s disappointing competition only brought in a laughable 883k average viewers, meaning that Watters, despite his show being so new, has managed to blow away the combined ratings of both networks.

And as a side note, Watters isn’t the only doing tremendously well over at Fox News while the competition over at MSNBC and CNN fall apart. Sean Hannity, for example, is doing tremendously well as well.

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He, despite being attacked by some on the right such as Emerald Robinson for privately backing away from Trump completely toward the end of the Trump presidency, managed to bring in a huge number of viewers and dominated Rachel Maddow, his MSNBC competition. As a point of comparison, managed to bring in over 50,000 more viewers in the coveted 25-54 demographic than Maddow, impressive given that conservatives of the Hannity mold rarely appeal to younger viewers in the same way that leftists do. But, somehow, Hannity did it and beat her out.

Discussing the success of Watters’ show The Raging Patriot attributes several reasons for his success. In that outlet’s words:

Part of the reason Watters is so successful is that his competition is simply bad. There is no doubt about that. However, there is also something likable about Watters. He indeed built a reputation for asking any question to anyone at any time. People like that for it being honest and shocking. 

There is also an everyday feel to Watters that he built during his weekend show. He vowed to keep that style as he transitioned to the prime time slot. “My tone and my style are going to be the same,” he told Fox News just before his show began is run. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt Watters and his show that his show is the lead-in to the Tucker Carlson show at the 8 PM time slot. Carlson’s show is the giant of cable news shows and dominates the ratings against his competition. 

And what’s best of all is that Watters might just be warning up. His show hasn’t even been on for a year yet, as discussed at the beginning of the article; he still has quite a ways to run.

By: Gen Z Conservative