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BOOM: Jordan Peterson Brought Back to Twitter by Elon, Demands Censorship of Anonymous Posters

Despite the ramblings and attacks of his enemies (and thus the enemies of free speech) in the EU, Elon Musk has been on an unbanning spree, bringing back the Babylon Bee, former President Donald J Trump, and now Jordan Peterson, the psychology professor famous for his advice to young men.

Peterson’s unbanning happened on November 18th, with the former professor tweeting out an image from The Shining and saying “I’m back. Thanks @elonmusk“.

In another post after being let backed on, Peterson thanked Elon and encouraged him to let Trump back on Twitter, saying:

Thanks Elen 🙂 @elonmusk


Thank you sir.

Probably best to reinstate Trump too. Let him do what he needs to do, and let the people decide. Right out in the open. Where such things should be decided.

Peterson also attacked the legacy media in a response to Elon’s questioning of who made CBS’ decision to leave Twitter over “uncertainty” surrounding Musk’s takeover of the platform, with the recently unbanned figure saying “:) as the legacy media continues its precipitous plummet into well-deserved irrelevancy.”

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That wasn’t all Peterson had to say on the CBS subject. In an earlier tweet he cheered Elon over the news that CBS was leaving the platform, saying: “This is excellent news. Good work @elonmusk! The corrupt legacy media hate you. You can tell a good man by the quality of his enemies.

In another tweet Peterson shredded the climate alarmist globalists, saying “His solution: support idiot globalist utopians who make you poor while failing utterly to save the planet while pillorying everyone who objects as a “denier” @theJagmeetSingh“.

And in a quote tweet response to Elon’s announcement that former President Trump would be allowed back on Twitter, Peterson said “It’s the right decision. The Trump phenomenon must be played out and settled in the public sphere @elonmusk“.

Peterson, after his banning, wrote a letter to then Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal that was published in the Daily Wire in which he said:

“In principle, at least, Twitter is a platform that owes its very existence to the habit, tradition and right of free speech and has as the only possible justification for that existence outside of sheer instrumental greed, its hypothetical contribution to the exchange of views that make up part of philosophical and political discourse.”

Not all of Peterson’s posts were pro-free speech on Twitter, however. Though he had been booted off the platform for wrongspeak, he encouraged Elon to ban anonymous posters, saying:

Don’t allow the anonymous troll-demons to post with the real verified people @elonmusk. Put them in their own hell, along with others like them: LOL LULZ BRO BRUH hyper-users are narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic and sadistic.

That post was quickly attacked by the Online Right, which skewered Peterson for demanding censorship of anonymous posters, many of whom do so to protect their identities and lives from the woke crazies that have directed so much hate Peterson’s way.

So Peterson is back and for free speech in some cases, but apparently he didn’t learn his lesson about censorship.