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Boom: Mike Huckabee SKEWERS LeBron James for His Anti-American Comments

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tore into woke NBA player LeBron James for James’ recent, anti-American comments, saying in a tweet that if LeBron hates America so much, perhaps he should head to China, from where he has made so much money. In Huckabee’s words:

Maybe “Mr. China made me rich!” Lebron ought to relocate to the country that enriches him by slave labor. If you hate America, you don’t have to stay. LeBron James Says He’d Question Returning To America If He Were Brittney Griner

As background, LeBron, speaking on the Brittney Griner situation, saidNow, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?’” Huckabee’s tweet was a response to that comment.

LeBron did, however, give something of an apology later, saying:

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“My comments on “The Shop” regarding Brittney Griner wasn’t knocking our beautiful country. I was simply saying how she’s probably feeling emotionally along with so many other emotions, thoughts, etc. inside that cage she’s been in for over 100+ days! Long story short #BringHerHome”

That incident wasn’t the first time that James waded into the Griner situation either. He did so in early June too, albeit in a somewhat less anti-American way, saying:

“For over 100 days, BG has faced inhumane conditions in a Russian prison and has been denied communications with her family and loved ones. As a decorated Olympian and member of an elite global sport community, BG’s detention must be resolved out of respect for the sanctity of all sport and for all Americans traveling internationally. It is imperative that the U.S. Government immediately address this human rights issue and do whatever is necessary to return Brittney home.

He tweeted out that statement as an image, captioning it with “We need to come together and help do whatever we possibly can to bring BG home quickly and safely!! 🙏🏾 Our voice as athletes is stronger together. @uninterrupted 👑 #WeAreBG

In any case, Mike Huckabee wasn’t the only one to rip into LeBron for his comments. Clay Travis, the conservative podcast and Twitter personality, ripped into him too, saying:

“LeBron James says if he was Brittany Griner he wouldn’t want to come back to the United States because she’s been in Russian prison too long. LeBron on virtually every issue other than basketball is an idiot

Guy Benson ripped LeBron’s comments too, first describing what he said as gross and then followed that up by saying:

Perhaps we’ll get more context. But it’d be peak LeBron to casually muse that an American imprisoned in an authoritarian state may not want to return to this awful country — which has only showered him with wealth and fame, & where he’s totally free to be an outspoken ingrate.

Perhaps he should stick to dribbling for the Red Chinese and leave negotiations over a drug smuggling basketball player with a nation we’re almost at war with to other, smarter people.

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