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BOOM: Trump Gets More Great News from CPAC Poll

Things went great for Trump during a straw poll conducted by CPAC Texas, one that found that though DeSantis is still second, he’s a distant second to Trump, who utterly dominated the poll. The other, nono-MAGA candidates did so well that their results are hardly worth mentioning, much less funding with campaign dollars.

Specifically, the poll, which was conducted on Saturday, found that former President Donald Trump garnered a whopping 69% of the votes from CPAC attendees in the anonymous, online poll. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did well as well, snapping up almost the entirety of the remainder and garnering 24% of the straw poll vote.

The result is important for a few reasons.

For one, it shows that though DeSantis is still popular among the GOP base, particularly the MAGA segment of it, Trump is still far and away the favorite of the average base voter, coming close to bringing in nearly three times as many votes as DeSantis.

Secondly, it shows that while reports in the MSM abound that Trump’s popularity is waning, it has stayed relatively steady and rather its his MAGA ally but potential presidential competitor, Ron DeSantis, whose popularity might be dipping: his percentage fell 4 points from the February CPAC event in Florida, where he garnered 28% of the straw poll vote. That difference could also, however, be due to fewer Floridians making it to CPAC Texas than CPAC Florida.

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Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the straw poll shows that the MAGA stance is still dominant, crushing the Conservative, Inc. side of the party when it comes to popularity with the base. Together Trump and DeSantis hold the loyalty of over 90 percent of the CPAC-attending base, showing how much more popular they are than the Tim Scott or Mike Pence type of Conservative, Inc., establishment Republicans.

Trump commented briefly on the poll on Truth Social, posting a New York Post link to his win and saying “THANK YOU.”

He focused more heavily, however, on the upcoming midterm elections, saying:

America’s comeback begins THIS NOVEMBER—and it will continue onward with unstoppable momentum to November 2024.

We are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. We are going to keep on winning, and we are going to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!

As long as we do not lose our spirit, our movement will NEVER be defeated—it will only get STRONGER with each passing day. Thank you CPAC! #MAGA

Trump is widely expected to announce at some point in the near future, particularly as he continues to get good news from polls such as this one.

That’s because those polls show that he is by far the favorite among the Republican base and the one that GOP voters are counting on to rescue the country from the depredations of the Biden regime and the horrific policies of the incompetent hacks within that regime.

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