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BOOM: Trump Lawyer Drops Bombshell Claim about FBI Abuse of Power During Mar-a-Lago Raid

A general rule is that in a free country with rule of law and a functional legal system, government goons don’t burst into your house and prowl around in your wife’s closet while stealing your privileged legal documents. The key bit there is that that’s in a functional, free country with leaders that still respect the rule of law.

Unfortunately, this is Joe Biden’s America, so instead of any of that, we have Slow Joe Biden’s merry band of Trump-hating, windbreaker-clad jackboots over at the FBI doing just that at Mar-a-Lago during their raid on Trump’s residence.

Such is what Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, claimed during an appearance on Fox News Channel. Speaking with FNC host Sean Hannity, Habba claimed that the FBI took privileged legal documents from President Trump’s residence, something that if true would be a major abuse of power from the FBI, which isn’t supposed to be reading the privileged legal communications of a man who it is investigating

Habba, dropping her bombshell claim about what happened on that fateful day, began by explaining why what happened was unconstitutional and ridiculous, saying: “It violated the Fourth Amendment. But, more importantly, the Presidential Records Act makes it clear this couldn’t even happen and is a precedent over any of this anyway.

Continuing, she went on to note the utter ridiculousness of the situation, she came up with a hypothetical that makes what the FBI did look utterly abusive of its power, saying:

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“Imagine I say ‘Hey, I’m going to go into the White House, take Biden’s confidential records that he has privately with his attorney.’ Those are attorney/client privilege, those are privileged records no one’s allowed to see them but the attorney and the client. ‘I’m going to take them but don’t worry I’m going to have my associate look at them and go through what is and isn’t good for me and then I’ll give it back to you.’ That’s what we learned today.”

And that wasn’t all. Habba then connected the ridiculous raid to the FBI’s supposed pressuring of Facebook to shut down the Hunter Biden story when it came out and was going to seriously hurt Biden’s chances of being president, saying:

What else did we learn today? That the FBI is going into Facebook telling Zuckerberg’s team, ‘hey, we’re about to do a massive dump to rig elections and make it — and dissolve the fact that Hunter Biden was with — doing god knows what with god knows who, but don’t worry about it.’

“We learned this today? It’s 2022. This system is so broken somebody better go clean house. And walking a guy out, Tebow, how long do you think sean that he has a commentator’s spot on MSNBC? I give about a week.”

Watch Habba here:

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