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Breaking: Shooting at Virginia Walmart Leaves 6 Dead

Sad, shocking news out of Chesapeake, Virginia, as Tuesday night, an active shooter armed with a pistol killed 6 people, including himself, at a Walmart. The motive is unclear as this is still an ongoing investigation, but some reports from employees on the scene claim the shooter was an employee and perhaps a manager. As usual, politicization has already started.

While so-called mass shootings only comprise less than one percent of all gun violence in the United States, incidents like this are what the media focuses on, often wrongly painting the shooter as a political extremist and using the tragedy as political ammunition against the right. A recent shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs was immediately seized upon by the media and the White House as a hate crime and likely act of domestic terror from the right. Of course, the most likely explanation is an extremely mentally compromised person got his hands on a gun and did the unspeakable, but facts aren’t exactly the mainstream media’s strong suit.

A mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia Tuesday night that left six people dead was carried out by one of the store’s workers before he took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the Chesapeake Police Department says.

Chesapeake Police Chief Mark Solesky told reporters Wednesday morning that the male employee used a pistol in the attack, which also left four other people injured.  

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The expression “going postal” has been in the lexicon for years. However, while the phrase has lost its sting and the actual post office shootings have been forgotten, the grim reality remains. Often people snap, sometimes in the workplace and sad situations like this happen. We obviously have little detail on the motive at this point, but a safe guess would be mental health issues were involved, as they usually are.

Kevin Harper, a Walmart employee who managed to flee the store, said in a video that “we lost a few of our associates.”

“I just left out of the break room, the manager comes in there and started capping people up in there. Started shooting bro,” Harper said.

Most businesses do workplace violence training, but it never prepares you for the reality of the situation when someone has a gun and starts shooting. Sadly, this senseless act of violence will probably be spun to be political in nature and, at the very least, used by the left to push their narrative for the elimination of guns for self-defense. At the same time, a “good guy” with a gun may not have made a difference in this case. Count on the left to throw the phrase out as they ridicule and scorn legal gun owners.

The sad fact remains that lives were changed forever and lost because a crazy man lost it at work. Though the left might paint it another way, it’s very likely just that.