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Breaking! The FBI Now Coming For Trump Supporters

The FBI’s favorite pastime is now bullying Trump supporters and allies, as the former President is no longer enough for the agency to victimize. The FBI, supported by the Department of Justice, has recently increased efforts to harass associates of the former presidents by raiding homes and executing search warrants.

The FBI has targeted politicians and well-known people who support the former presidents, and the agency has also begun to intimidate civilians who support Trump. 

Lisa Gallagher, a New Jersey woman, recently reported that she was shocked to see FBI agents at her doorstep the morning after the President gave his “semi-fascism” speech.

Gallagher is not a republican politician or someone who can be described as an ally to the former President. Like the millions of people who voted for the former President, Gallagher is a regular American voter with conservative beliefs and supports Trump. However, the FBI still shows up to intimidate her.

On Monday, Gallagher appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Tonight to discuss her experiences as an average conservative American supporting the former President.

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According to Gallagher, she was terrified when she opened her door to see FBI agents. At that moment, she froze and did not know what to do. Though she knew she had done nothing wrong, she also knew that it was not normal for the FBI to visit people like her suddenly. 

Gallagher recalled that she watched Biden giving his speech about extremism and semi-fascism the previous night, so something told her that the FBI showing up at her house had to be political. It is known all over the country that the FBI now moves under Biden’s command after that display of power exhibited at the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Gallagher said that the FBI agents mentioned they received information from anonymous sources that she was present at the Capitol incident on the 6th of January. Luckily, she had an alibi and invited them into her house. Gallagher pulled out her calendar to show evidence that she did not visit Capitol on that day. If she had not recorded her movement on the said day, one could only imagine where she would be at the moment, perhaps locked up in prison somewhere.

According to Gallagher’s story, the FBI is chasing people down based on random tips from unknown sources after two years. Is the FBI truly trying to locate people who protested against election misconduct or trying to intimidate Americans who boldly support the former president?

Biden’s democratic America is now becoming genuinely terrifying. One can almost not differentiate between Biden’s America and other fascist nations worldwide. According to this new information, protesting against the government can get you locked up. Supporting the opposition party can also lead to unthinkable things in Biden’s America. If the democrats should win the next presidential elections, Americans should definitely expect more authoritarian rules in the President’s interest even when the nation is dying.