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“Call for Housing Equity”: Tucker Absolutely DEMOLISHES Greasy Gavin’s Wokest Policies

Last night on his FNC program Tucker directed attacks on Greasy Gavin Newsom’s California with a particular degree of vitriol, taking on the now woke and collapsing Golden State and showing all its many flaws. And boy are those flaws legion, covering everything from the state’s massive hobo population to the EV nightmare currently happening there.

At one point, for instance Tucker spoke with a man who was discussing a new California policy that would require motel owners to advertise vacancies to the homeless and take them in for the night. Because the homeless drug addicts are known for taking particularly good care of free accommodations. Surely they won’t wreck the rooms with which they’re provided.

Mocking that law and Newsom’s attitude, Tucker suggested putting up the homeless not in vacant motel rooms but instead in the California Governor’s Mansion, sayingGavin Newsom and governor mansion could fit more drug addicts than in your Motel 6, and we should call for housing equity. We wish you all the best. Good luck.

And that was just the beginning of Tucker’s takedown of the woke state. He also hammered Newsom’s hellhole for a recently released video that shows an EV charging station completely overrun with homeless. Mocking the dystopian scene portrayed by that video, Tucker said:

I don’t know if you can see the monitor, but I want to show you this – completely taken over by vagrants living in front. There is something among governors where it fell apart. There’s air conditioning in August, and some guy smoking meth on your front porch, but we are going to save the clinic? What does that involve?

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Oh, and speaking of EVs, Tucker noted how absurd it is that the same state that just passed a law banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles after 2035 is also telling EV owners to not charge their cars right now because of a heat wave. What’ll they do if it’s hot in the future? Just tell everyone to stay at home and not commute until it ends? Mocking that absurd situation, Tucker said:

Here is a guy who has never had a job, could not fix a broken lawn mower, let alone about energy, architecture, and – the same guy who presented over state where you can no longer power your washing machine is telling you that he’s going to control – I just think about this for one second: if that guy can tell you what kind of car you can drive, why can’t he tell you what kind of food you can eight, who you can sleep with?

So, it’s all totalitarian, total control over you. Banning the gas engine is, among many other things, an attack on – electric vehicles can be, above all, controlled by the people who control the grids. That means the next time that California’s energy regulators decide to shut off power, you can’t leave California.”

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