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Candace Owens Calls Kim Kardashian a Prostitute, Calls Mother a Pimp Over New Revelation About Sex-tape With Ray J

News host Candace Owens slammed some members of the Kardashian on her new podcast, accusing them of prostitution.

Owens said on Tuesday that Kim Kardashian is a prostitute, adding that her mother, Kris Jenner is her pimp. This condemnation by the host was due to a sex tape that allegedly features Kim and her former partner, William Ray Norwood Junior, popularly known as Ray J.

The past weekend, Ray claimed that Kim and her mother were both aware of the sex tape from the onset. In addition, Ray avered that Kris Jenner also watched the numerous sex tapes he had allegedly made with Kim and picked out the one she thought was best by herself. However, both mother and daughter have denied Ray J’s claims.

In reaction to Ray’s wild accusations, Owens expressed shock as she said she was at a loss of words. She said, “There are really no words that can adequately describe how positively disgusted I am by the story.”

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The news host added that it was unimaginable to think that a mother would try to monetize her child’s body. Thinking out loud, she asked why any mother would watch “various tapes of her daughter having sex with a boyfriend out of wedlock and then [said], ‘Let’s sell this tape, this is the best one, you look the best in this tape, this will make you the most famous.’”

Owens added that if Kris Jenner indeed performed such a disgusting act, then her plan must have worked as not only is her daughter now famous, but she is also a billionaire, “and she is, by the way, still selling sex.”

A recent report from TMZ revealed that an email from the head of Vivid entertainment alerted her that the tape had generated almost two million dollars. This mail was dated 1st of May, 2007, and if this said tape is still in circulation, it would have significantly surpassed that amount.

According to TMZ’s report, the tape was released in March 2007, but Kim filed a lawsuit against the entertainment company, claiming that the video’s release was not with her consent. The case was dismissed in April, only days before the email was sent to Kim Kardashian.

Buttressing her claim, she added that the circumstances now gave her reasons to believe that Kim is truly a prostitute, even to this day. Her words were, “And I’m not going to edit this opinion: Kim Kardashian is a prostitute; her mother is a pimp — worse than a prostitute.”

The host added that Kim is nothing but a corpse as she had already sold her soul ages ago. She said, “if you are willing to degrade yourself if you are willing to denigrate yourself, then our society, our American society will give you more.”

“It is not an exaggeration to say that Hollywood is Satanic, because what could possibly be more Satanic than that? What could possibly represent a more incestuous, if you will, relationship than a mother viewing her daughter’s body having sex and selling it?” Owen asked.