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Catholic Church Destroys Biden in New Ad

The plans for an ad campaign to strongly encourage President Joe Biden to act more like the last Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, and demonize barrages on church buildings ignited by the Supreme Court’s turnaround of the abortion case Roe v. Wade was revealed today by a leading Catholic organization. The campaign is expected to cost one million dollars.

CatholicVote has released a new advertisement that reminds viewers that President John F. Kennedy issued the following statement in response to an outbreak of cathedral burnings in the early 1960s: “To destroy churches, I think both cowardly as well as offensive.” But ever since the court’s ruling in the Dobbs case, Biden has been more supportive of demonstrations directed at Catholic churches and pro-birth pregnancy clinics, many of which are run by the church, than he has been vocal in condemning a series of over 200 assaults.

The advertisement that was going to air nationwide online as well as on television in the media areas of Washington, the District of Columbia, and Wisconsin stated, “Churches are being burnt again because they protect unborn infants and mothers in need.

During a break from his holiday bike ride, President Biden is pictured in the advertisement addressing the protestors. In the advertisement, Joe Biden is said to as “our second Catholic president,” and he is then quoted as stating, “Keep protesting because — keep making your point.

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Biden is one of the numerous Catholics who support abortion rights, despite the fact that he attends church on a regular basis. Both he and Vice President Kamala Harris have taken the side of people who are upset with the ruling made by the court.

The ad comes after CatholicVote and many other activist organizations had requested Biden to speak out against the often violent protests that are taking place against churches and birth centers. CatholicVote has been keeping a tally of the increasing number of attacks on churches and maternity clinics.

CatholicVote has been tracking the rash of attacks against Catholic churches and pregnancy centers since the Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs was leaked,” the group said in a statement shared with Secrets. In addition to this, it stated that not a single person had been apprehended, and Biden’s Department of Justice has prosecuted zero persons responsible for these attacks.

It is exceedingly discouraging to see that the government of President Joe Biden has no problem with standing by and watching while numerous houses of the Lord are razed to the ground in order to advance and promote their agenda. The destruction of church properties is something else that may very well be added to the list of things that will be remembered about his leadership.

You can watch the video here.