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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blasts Migrant Buses From Texas As ‘Racist’

Chicago’s liberal mayor has accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of becoming “racist” and the Trump administration of “human brutality,” while she believes she would welcome being the newest Democratic target for busloads of border-crossers. 

As two buses carrying 75 migrants from Texas pulled into the city’s bus terminal late Wednesday night, Mayor Lori Lightfoot made her fiery speech. However, the liberal senator neglected to address President Biden’s immigration policies, which are widely held responsible for the increase in border crossings. 

According to Lightfoot’s office, the city of Chicago has worked together across agencies to ensure that the visitors were received with respect and dignity. She emphasized that the city is doing everything in its power to guarantee that the immigrants and their families have access to safety, food, and shelter. Saying that many are escaping dangerous or unstable situations. 

The Lightfoot office emphasized that this is nothing new. That each year, hundreds of migrants arrive in Chicago, and the city welcomes them and helps them out. 

Despite the warm message, Lightfoot’s office criticized Abbott for sending thousands of illegal immigrants by bus to New York and Washington in protest of Biden’s open borders. 

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Unfortunately, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is without any shame or humanity,” the statement said. 

But ever since he put these racist practices of expulsion in place, we have been working with our community partners to ready the city to receive these individuals.

As the mayor’s office put it, “we are still struggling to recover from the last presidential administration, which fostered this conduct, and we know that racism, discrimination, and human cruelty have played a crucial part in how immigrants are received within our borders.” 

This is such an important moment for Chicago as a city that has been a sanctuary for thousands of newcomers. We are welcoming them, and we will not turn our backs on those who need our help the most.” 

The Lightfoot office has stated that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has any sense of shame or humanity for continuing the “racist” policy. A shelter that had taken in the first 75 immigrants who had come by bus was one of the places Lightfoot later visited. 

She told the Chicago Tribune that everyone is ready for whatever may come. Those involved have been at pains to point out that this is a welcoming community and that they have witnessed an enormous outpouring of support from the municipal administration and various non-profits that are a part of our care network. 

In the same vein, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has repeatedly stated that his state is open and welcoming to those seeking asylum or immigration. 

My great-grandfather came to this country as an immigrant fleeing Ukraine in 1881. Immigrants just like my family seeking freedom and opportunity built this country,” he tweeted Wednesday night. Illinois is and has always been a welcoming state.” 

By busing immigrants to key Democratic areas, Abbott has already spent over $12 million on a protest intended to pressure President Joe Biden into toughening his immigration policy. Abbott claimed the expansion was necessary because President Biden’s inaction at the southern border continues to endanger Texans and Americans.

President Biden’s inaction at our southern border continues putting the lives of Texans — and Americans — at risk and is overwhelming our communities,” Abbott said Wednesday as he affirmed Chicago was its newest sanctuary-city focus. 

He further stated that he is looking forward to witnessing mayor Lightfoot’s boasting of the obligation of her city to welcome everybody regardless of legal status in action as these migrants receive resources from a sanctuary city able to help them. 

The chief of the United States Border Patrol blamed President Joe Biden’s “no repercussions” immigration policy for the spike in illegal immigrants entering the United States in a deposition acquired by Fox News this week. Raul Ortiz stated that they had witnessed growth when there were no repercussions.