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County Democrat Official Arrested in Las Vegas for the Murder of Local Journalist

Las Vegas police have arrested a local Democrat politician for the murder of an investigative reporter who was found stabbed to death. 

At a news conference this past Thursday, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials announced that Robert Telles, the Clark County Public Administrator, was arrested on Wednesday for the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German.

Clark County, the county that employed Robert Telles, is the largest county in Nevada and includes the city of Las Vegas. 

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Telles recently lost his renomination in the Democratic primary for a second term in his position after German published a report that covered alleged “turmoil and internal dissention” at the office where Telles worked, including “emotional stress, bullying and favoritism.” On May 16, German also reported on an alleged relationship that Telles had with a staffer, leading to Telles giving her special treatment. Because of the mounting animosities and turmoil in the office, the top supervisor under Telles, Rita Reid, decided to run against him in this year’s Democratic primary. Several employees also secretly videotaped Telles and the staffer he was accused of having an affair with canoodling in the back seat of her car at a parking garage. An employee then filed a retaliation complaint with the county on May 9.

The tensions between Telles and German seemed to get worse from the article German wrote on May 16.

Telles had repeatedly denied all allegations of wrongdoing and defended his record multiple times on his campaign website. In one of these statements, released on June 19, Telles accused Jeff German and his predecessor as Public Administrator of “trying to drag me through the mud,” and he seemed concerned that subsequent articles would follow. Telles also lashed out at German on Twitter, accusing German of going through his trash to try and get information to do a fourth story on him.

German was waiting on public records requesting responses for a potential story about Telle’s office when he was killed. German, who was 69, was found dead outside his northwest Las Vegas home on September 3. Officials say he was fatally stabbed during an altercation the day before. 

Las Vegas Police identified Telles as the suspect after discovering that the vehicle that was driving around German’s neighborhood suspiciously on the morning of the murder, before the murder, and at the scene of the murder, belonged to Telle’s wife and was later found at his home. According to Homicide Section Captain Dori Koren, “That vehicle had stopped multiple times throughout the neighborhood and was behaving suspiciously. It was determined that the suspect wearing the orange shirt had fled in that vehicle, which connected the car to the suspect,” he added. The police discovered the clothing which matched the clothing worn by the suspect at Telles’ property, and the DNA collected from Telles matched DNA found at the crime scene. 

Telles’ campaign website paints him as a loving family man with a beautiful wife and three wonderful kids. One look at his website, and all you’ll see is paragraph after paragraph of Telles defending himself against the truth that German was brave enough to write about.