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Craziness: Norwegian Feminist Describes Being Persecuted for Fighting for Women’s Rights, Saying Men Can’t Be Lesbians

Things got wild on a recent segment of Tucker Carlson’s show when Christina Ellingsen, a representative of the feminist organization “Women’s Declaration International” (WDI) discussed her persecution under hate crime charges for tweets she made between February 2021 and January 2022 in which she said that men can’t be lesbians.

As background, Ellingsen directed those tweets toward a man that identifies as a woman, Christine Marie Jentoft. Jentoft is a representative of the trans activist group Foreningen FRI.

In October, for instance, Ellingsen tweetedWhy [does] FRI teach young people that males can be lesbians? Isn’t that conversion therapy?

Then, in a second tweet, Ellingsen saidJentoft, who is male and an advisor in FRI, presents himself as a lesbian – that’s how bonkers the organization which supposedly works to protect young lesbians’ interests is. How does it help young lesbians when males claim to be lesbian, too?

Further, she confronted Jentoft directly on television, saying You are a man. You cannot be a mother. To normalize the idea that men can be mothers is a defined form of discrimination against women.”

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Those two tweets are apparently hate speech, and so Ellingsen is being attacked by the Norwegian state for posting them.

Unrepentant, Ellingsen appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program to describe what she’s been doing and her persecution, saying, at one point, that she is facing up to three years in prison for those tweets and stances but will continue defending the rights of women and girls. In her words:

 “Nope, that’s right, this is the case. You can’t defend women if you can’t define what a woman is. And all over the world, stating biological facts is considered by a lot of groups, being directly hateful.

“So yeah, this is what I’ve been doing. I’ve been stating very obvious facts, that men cannot be women, with men cannot be girls or mothers…Now I am facing the risk of three years in prison.”

She also got Tucker laughing when she described all the ways that people try to describe her political views, saying:

Well, a lot of people are supporting me across the entire spectrum. Including cyclical, religious, everything but a lot of people are considering me on the level of someone who is calling for genocide. I’ve been compared to everything from a fascist to a Maoist to a supporter of Westboro Baptist Church, which I don’t even know what it is. But basically —

At that point she was cut off by Tucker’s chuckles, but she quickly picked back up and finished her point, saying:

Basically the spectrum of everything in the world is being hurled my way, absolutely. But also a lot of support.”

Such is the state of the modern world. Now a feminist can’t even advocate for the protection of women by trying to define what a woman is and call out those who she doesn’t actually think are women without being called a fascist and threatened with jail time.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List