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Democrats’ Unreasonable Spending is Why We are in an Economic Mess

At the gas pump, in the supermarket, and in other places, families have been feeling the devastating effects of the huge expenditure by the government for the past two years. It only took the Democrats’ one-party power in Washington, DC, for a period of two years for the Democrats to make it increasingly difficult for millions of industrious people to afford their basic day-to-day needs. According to the findings of research that was made public in June, more than half of the population is currently living hand to mouth. 

Democrats, with their one-party rule in Washington, are to blame, as well as the increase in government expenditure and the implementation of new laws under the administration of  President Joe Biden, which has resulted in an inflation rate that is the highest it has been in forty years, economic malaise, and lower wages for employees. 

The Democrats started spending as soon as they seized the majority in the House of Representatives, and they have made it very plain that they have no intention of stopping. Their first significant move was the passage of a $1.9 trillion COVID aid bill, which was significantly greater than the majority of economists believed was required and eventually served as the impetus for the ensuing problem in inflation. Even after months upon months of record rampant inflation, Democrats refused to shift direction and continued to allocate trillions upon trillions of additional dollars.

Democrats have increased federal spending by an astounding $2.7 trillion over the course of the past two years. By using his “student loan debt scam,” President Joe Biden intends to add several hundreds of billions of dollars to that total. His unlawful scheme to forgive borrowers’ debts totaling thousands of dollars will not only sidestep Congress’s authority to control the nation’s purse strings; it will also compel millions of taxpayers to contribute to the reduction of the monetary burdens of others. Furthermore, the gambit that  President Biden is playing with student loans will almost certainly make the economic crisis that we are currently facing even worse, and it will eliminate any possibility of deficit reduction that he had hoped to achieve with the misleadingly named “Inflation Reduction Act.” 

It is necessary to put a stop to the irresponsible and complete takeover of government expenditures by the Democrats. The national debt has now surpassed $30 trillion, and it appears that the United States government is on track to spend $10 trillion more over the course of the next decade than was anticipated prior to the inauguration of  President Joe Biden. As a result of higher taxes, decreased wages, and rising prices for goods and users, families with low and middle incomes will continue to suffer the most from the consequences of this wasteful spending. 

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If we want to change the course that this country is on, we have to get over the idea that we can blow through all of our nation’s money without experiencing any adverse  effects.