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Deputy Chief of Staff to be eleventh person to leave Kamala Harris’ unit

The deputy chief of staff for Vice President Kamala Harris is departing the Biden administration next month, the latest in a long line of senior officials to leave the vice president’s office.

Before joining the Biden administration last year, Michael Fuchs, a senior State Department official under former President Barack Obama, a foreign policy adviser to former President Bill Clinton, and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress before joining the Obama administration advised Harris on a variety of domestic and international issues.

According to Reuters, Fuchs informed his team in an internal message that he would step down in early May. He congratulated the government and stated that his ideas would be revealed at a later time. A request for comment from Harris’ office on the departure went unanswered, per report.

The retirement of the deputy chief of staff comes after the exits of other high-profile Harris advisors, including vice president’s national security adviser Nancy McEldowney, who announced her resignation on March 21.

Harris’ communications staff has also experienced a lot of change, with the vice president’s communications director and top spokeswoman, as well as several key messaging aides, leaving late last year.

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Meghan Groob, a veteran writer in the Obama admin., will be Harris’ new top wordsmith. According to a different document reviewed by Reuters, Groob most recently worked at Gates Ventures and was a speechwriter for Bill Gates.

At the end of February, the vice president’s former top speechwriter resigned.