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DeSantis Teases ‘Major Announcement’ and Warns Liberals ‘Won’t Like It’

Ron DeSantis’ office has said it will make a “major” announcement this morning. It comes after many have speculated that the popular, anti-woke governor of Florida will stand against Trump in 2024.

DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw wrote a mysterious message on Twitter, goading that the news will cause “the liberal meltdown of the year”.

“MAJOR announcement tomorrow morning from @GovRonDeSantis. Prepare for the liberal media meltdown of the year,” Pushaw wrote. “Everyone get some rest tonight,” she posted.

DeSantis, 43, who has risen in the popularity ranks among Republicans in the past few years usually comes second in opinion polls to former president Donald Trump.

Many took to social media to express their support if DeSantis does run for president.

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@Rz88Tom said: “That is leadership. Ron DeSantis is going to be a great president when he is done being governor of Florida”.

@JimmyTaker posted: “Ron DeSantis is the best governor in our country. A real leader. Hopefully he will be our president one day”.

But while the governor who supported the Don’t Say Gay bill which aimed to remove inappropriate sexual content from classrooms does have an increasingly large fan base, many have warned against the two going head-to-head.

Last month, Rep Matt Gaetz who has been a staunch supporter of Trump’s and said he was closer to DeSantis than “anyone else” insisted the pair were on the “same side” and warned against potentially weakening and dividing the GOP:

We want to see a Republican Party that is a national party, a winning party, a fighting party.

“I think President Trump really views DeSantis’s success with great pride, that he took someone who was in Congress and that he saw great potential in and he nurtured that leadership that Ron DeSantis has now displayed to the world,” he continued.

He went on to say that it would be devastating if the GOP “won by default” and was then too divided and distracted by in-party politics to project “vision and clarity”.

In follow-up Tweets, Pushaw teased the announcement further. She said that the news would not be “campaign related” but rather “official business”, perhaps suggesting that the announcement would not be that DeSantis was launching a presidential campaign.

When a Twitter user speculated, “Oh Dear. He’s gonna run. I’ll need to spend all of my money on merch. Ugh”.

Pushaw responded: “He already announced he’s running for re-election as governor. All I can say about the surprise announcement tomorrow [today] is that it’s not anything campaign related. It’s official business”.

Some other Twitter users asked if the anti-mask mandate governor would be officially joining Trump’s 2024 campaign as the MAGA president’s vice – a unity which many GOP voters have said would be better than the two Republican heavy-weights battling against each other.

While DeSantis’ popularity has snowballed in recent months, particularly with his anti-woke rhetoric and his banning inappropriate LGBT propaganda from schools, a major opinion poll by Trafalgar Group put DeSantis at 19 percent and Trump at 78.7 percent when asked who GOP voters would prefer as president.

With all this in mind, it seems unlikely DeSantis will announce he’s standing against Trump today, although nothing is impossible.

Instead, he’s far more likely to join Trump’s campaign in some capacity and run for president in the future.

Let’s wait and see.