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Did Nancy Pelosi’s Husband, Who Once Killed Someone While Driving, Have DUI Charges Dropped? Still No Decision On Charges

UPDATE:  charges are pending, no decision made yet

Last weekend, Paul Pelosi was arrested and booked for driving past the legal limit. Yesterday, Twitter started seeing a lot of posts suggesting those charges were dropped. As of now, there is no confirmation, but the whole episode has been once massive coverup from the beginning.

The sordid, week-long saga of utter political corruption began last Memorial Day Weekend when Nancy’s millionaire husband was out on the town. Various stories looking at the police report suggest Paul left a Napa Valley winery and proceeded to pull into the path of a Jeep as he attempted to cross an intersection. He was turning into the southbound lane as the other car was traveling north.

Police allegedly tested his blood alcohol levels and found them to be over the legal limit of .08. He was then arrested and booked into the Napa County jail.

For the entire week, efforts were made to have the mugshot of Paul released. The drunk-driving husband of the House Speaker, and third in line to be president, is already a bad enough story (that has been conveniently ignored by the fascistic corporate press), but an actual image of his droopy, mean, bloodshot eyes would be an instant campaign meme for Republicans.

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Fox News’s Jesse Watters shared his own battle trying to get the mugshot released:

“Whenever a person gets arrested then police take a mugshot. These mugshots get entered into the public record. We should have a right to see them. 

Unless of course you’re married to Nancy Pelosi, and you get drunk, you blow a stop sign, and smash a brand new Porsche into another guy’s car in the middle of the night on the way back to your multi-million napa vineyard.”

Watters even went a step further, following all of the proper, legal channels to have the public mugshot released:

“We called the jail. They told us to call the sheriff. Who told us to call the city council, and they gave us the runaround.

So we filed an official records request in writing and got this response,

‘The individual is not currently in custody in Napa County jail. Therefore the booking photos you have requested are exempt from disclosure. Because the records you seek are exempt from release we have closed your request.’”

Then, as reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “[Nancy] Pelosi’s multi-millionaire husband Paul killed his 19-year-old brother when he lost control and flipped his sports car in early-morning ‘joyride’ when he was 16-years-old – 65 years before this weekend’s arrest for the drunk driving crash.”

The Daily Mail went on to note that a passenger riding shotgun, brother David Pelosi, “had urged him to slow down as he approached a tight curve on California’s Skyline Highway.”

Not heeding that advice, the spoiled, rich, and reckless Paul “lost control as he tried to slow down and his car bounced between embankments, somersaulted and landed upside down trapping both.”

As a result of the crash, “Paul broke his collarbone but managed to get free and summon aid…[b]ut David, 19, was strangled by a brace he wore to support a neck fracture he had sustained in a diving accident.”

And now Paul goes on a bender and attempts to drive home to his multi-million dollar estate, inevitably crashing into another motorist. 

The ultimate irony here is that Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt House just voted on a bill to ban the purchase of semi-automatic rifles to twenty-one years of age, among other things, despite the fact that “just” a few hundred deaths occur as a result of these weapons being used. At the same time, drunk driving accounts for thousands of deaths each year. 

Her husband could either have been the cause or result of drunk driving, and he gets a free pass. Meanwhile, law-abiding gun ownership just became more difficult to attain. We live in a banana republic, replete with a two-tiered justice system and fraught with political corruption.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She is a contributing author at Trending Politics and writes regularly at The Blue State Conservative.