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Easter Bunny redirects Joe Biden as he talks to crowd of children

President Joe Biden appeared to be flagged down by the Easter Bunny who then directed the president where to go and it was on video.

It’s unclear what Joe Biden was talking about to the crowd, but the Easter Bunny seemed very adamant about Joe leaving that area and going somewhere else.

However, an article by Independent that was posted on Yahoo Sports (not sure why it was on there) suggested that President Joe Biden was being redirected when someone started asking about Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, how would the Easter Bunny know what Biden was talking about from such a long distance? That part remains unclear, however here’s what the report stated:

President Joe Biden appeared to be directed away from answering a question about Afghanistan by the Easter bunny on Monday. Mr Biden was chatting to visitors at the annual White House East Egg Roll event when the unlikely chaperone sidled up next to him.

Footage shows a person in a bunny suit seem to pull Mr Biden away mid-sentence as he was discussing Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Other clips show the Easter bunny speaking to the president as he greets families at the event. Social media lit up with comments suggesting that the Easter bunny was Mr Biden’s handler.