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Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter, Leftist Lose Their Minds Before His First Tweet

This weekend, billionaire Elon Musk, who recently completed his purchase of social media giant Twitter, has officially reinstated former President Donald Trump’s account. And, predictably, once leftists saw that had happened they began whining, complaining and throwing hissy fits. You know, the usual kind of response these people give when something happens they don’t like, especially when it involves Trump.

According to Louder With Crowder, “During his time as President of the United States, Trump would spend his days live-tweeting cable news and retweeting anyone who said nice things about him. Then on one arbitrary day in January 2021 — I think it was the 8th — Twitter’s now former top lawyer, executive, and speech cop Vagina Goode (I don’t feel like looking up how to spell her real name, so I’m going with what Alex Jones calls her) decided to permanently ban his account.”

“It’s now November 2022. Goode is gone. Trump is back. And the left can’t deal! Trump hasn’t even fired off a new tweet yet and the left is already in full meltdown. The guy who plays Olaf is unhappy with the warm hug Elon gave to the former president. He lashed out at Musk for the decision,” the report said.

You know who else is unhappy with the news of Trump’s reinstatement? Rob Reiner. Yeah, the guy who played Meathead on “All in the Family.” It all makes sense now, right?

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Mia Fararow, ex-wife of Woody Allen, is worried about how this decision is going to impact her personal health.

Here’s what the rest of liberal Twitter looks like:

“There is no guarantee Trump even wants to return to Twitter. He has TruthSocial now. And both the haters and the losers already share screen captures of his “truths” as their ‘tweets.’ The left is in a pre-emptive meltdown while Trump weighs his options,” LwC continued.

While it makes total sense business wise for Trump to continue posting on Truth Social, a company he has helped build from the ground up as a response to being booted from Twitter and to provide himself with a platform that others cannot boot him from, many individuals feel that it would be a bad idea to forego tweeting.

Many of his supporters still use Twitter as their primary platform for sharing news, thoughts, and opinions. Lacking that interaction could lead to Trump missing an opportunity to mobilize his base for his presidential campaign.

Regardless, it’s hilarious and quite fun to watch leftists fall apart over the possibility of Trump making a triumphant return to the platform. Just imagine the fit they will throw if he does make a tweet. It could be something as simple as “hello” and the left would faint with fake outrage.

At the end of the day, this is a good look for Twitter. It demonstrates clearly that Musk really does believe in freedom of speech and that things are going to be different under his leadership for the company. Perhaps conservatives can finally start building their own accounts and spreading the message of liberty to the masses?