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Eric Swalwell called out for ‘stalker stuff’ after mocking Lauren Boebert completely backfires

Democrat Eric Swalwell tried to mock Republican Lauren Boebert on Twitter, but it backfired immediately as people came to her defense and at least one person suggested he was a stalker. Swalwell posted a photo of Boebert holding a large gun and the caption “posted without comment …” but that wasn’t the best move to make considering Swalwell ALLEGEDLY hooked up with a SUSPECTED Chinese spy and people had no problem reminding him of that, too.



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So who was the infamous ‘FANG FANG?’

NY Post reported on her, saying the following: “She was a Chinese Mata Hari — who allegedly slept with at least two Midwestern mayors while cozying up to a slew of pols across the country in a bid to infiltrate the US political system. Fetching accused Chinese government spy Fang Fang, a k a Christine Fang, entered the US through California as a college student in 2011 — and spent the next four years wooing everyone from local politicos to US congressmen, said the Web site Axios, citing current and former US intelligence officials.

Among the pols who Fang got close to was California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, and she also once helped raise funds for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), sources said. “She was on a mission,’’ a US counter-intelligence official said of Fang — and it included plenty of seduction before the feds got wind of her antics and she vanished in 2015. The idea was for Fang to maneuver herself into key government circles — and sometimes politicians’ beds — to gain personal information about them while ingratiating herself with unwitting potential up-and-coming heavy-hitters, intelligence sources told Axios.”