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Even Democrats in California Know That Their Top Guns are Subpar at Best

When there is no genuine competition, there is no opportunity for growth. There is hardly a need to look any further than the California Democrats and the “stars” of that party’s political scene in order to find evidence that supports this theory. 

The shortcomings of the California Democratic Party are readily apparent to anyone who examines the current status of the state. The state of California now has the highest poverty rate in the entire country, a rapidly deteriorating homelessness crisis, a refusal to prosecute crimes, an extortionately expensive cost of living that is pricing middle- and lower-income families out of the state, water and electricity crises of the state’s own making, and a public school system that is failing. The state is unwilling to prosecute criminals and has also had adverse effects.

However, the failings are not limited to just the lawmakers of the state. A survey conducted by the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, reveals that the most prominent politicians in the state of California are not as effective as their counterparts on the national stage. A survey of Democrats in California found that Governor Gavin Newsom is tied with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont as their top choice for the Democratic nomination for the presidential election in 2024. As former attorney general and senator for the state, Vice President Kamala Harris is currently polling in third place, just ahead of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg by a hair.

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Only 23 percent of California Democrats think that Newsom or Harris would be the best candidate to lead the country as president. Harris, who has already been unsuccessfully nominated for president, is a particularly terrible candidate. Harris’s support increases from 10% to just 12% if Newsom’s name is removed from the list; nonetheless, she is still trailing Sanders and is only narrowly ahead of Buttigieg. 

Even though Newsom and Harris are the best politicians that California has to offer on the national stage, even Dems in California are hesitant to select them over an 80-year-old socialist and an unknown who used to be the mayor of a town in Indiana with 100,000 people. Newsom and Harris are the finest politicians that California has to offer on the national stage. They are professional incompetents who have been entrusted with the responsibility of running California because the California Democratic Party considers them to be the best of the cretins in the party. Voters in California may not have access to a more desirable alternative in their state, yet even they are aware of how poorly its top politicians perform.