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Exposed! Hunter Biden Said He Would Be Happy To Introduce Associates To Chinese Communist Party

Recently revealed emails have shown the President’s son, Hunter Biden, claiming he would be glad to introduce associates to a top Chinese communist party. These emails reviewed by Fox News revealed that the younger Biden was willing to do anything to help his associates to pursue more businesses in China.

Reports about Hunter’s deep business ties to China have been circulating in the media. He was reported to be instrumental in helping a Rosemont Seneca Partners client and Democratic donor secure an event at the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

According to Fox News, one of his associates, James Bulger, asked him to introduce an associate to a Hong Kong billionaire who served as vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Bulger wrote, “It is my understanding that during the trip to Beijing that you made with your father, President Xi hosted a welcome dinner. At that dinner, you were seated right next to Mr Tung, therefore J and Andy believe it would be very helpful if you could please send a brief email to Mr Tung laying out that you are a partner and Board Member of BHR and that You would be grateful to Mr Tung if he could meet your local partners to discuss the Fund.”

He further urged Hunter to give him a quick response as the meeting was crucial to an important initiative at the time. 

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The President’s son, willing to do anything to satisfy his associate, replied that he was “happy to do it. ” He also went out of his way to suggest the “team draft an email in Mandarin and English for my approval ASAP.”

A press release at the time noted that Vice President Li organized a welcome ceremony for Joe before their meeting. CPPCC’s Tung was reportedly also present at this event. In another press release in 2015, Tung’s bio noted that he was “Vice Chairman of the National Committee” of the CPPCC.

Furthermore, a 2018 report, noted that the CPPCC was central to China’s United Front System. The report added that the organization “co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” More reports revealed that the organization is built to Collaborate with non-communist party members to advance the interest of the CCP. 

Hunter being eager to help the CPPCC in every way he can has made one thing certain. The President’s son has not been doing business in China, he has been doing business with the CCP.

Though this foundation has funded several American efforts, including universities and NGOs, the organization has continually received criticism over its activity with the CCP’s united front system that conducts influence operations abroad.

More reports from FOX news have also shown that the younger Biden and his associates have helped organizations looking to co-opt leaders as part of China’s foreign influence operation to infiltrate the United States even while Biden was the vice president.

Several other business operations of Hunter with Beijing deserve further scrutiny for ethical and national security concerns. Yet, Hunter remains the nation’s protected son thanks to his daddy’s influence.