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Facepalm: Jesse Watters Explains How the “Feckless” GOP is Messing Up as Tucker Explains Why Things Should Be Going to Their Advantage

When announcing Japan’s surrender at the end of World War II, the Japanese Emperor, Hirohito, remarked “The war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage.” That’s one way of putting it after your country has been nuked twice and utterly destroyed on the battlefield.

Well, unfortunately, the RINOs within the GOP are creating a situation where Republican politicians, particularly those running for Senate seats, will have to make similar announcements in a year that should have been a red wave. Why? Because the feckless RINOs are giving up the game to the Democrats rather than fighting back against Biden and his cronies with all due force and vigor.

Such is what Jesse Watters recently exposed on his show, saying that “Biden has decided to go on offense himself and attack half the country,” but that the “feckless” RINO leadership has done nothing at all to fight back. Specifically he said, after recounting how the Democrats are so viciously going after Trump:

“What I want to know is why aren’t the Republicans fighting back? Biden raided Trump’s house, the Republican Party said nothing and that’s all Joe needed to know. He saw an opening.”

“I don’t know if Republicans are still on vacation, or they think if they just lay low, history is going to be on their side in the midterms, but Joe Biden is laying the wood to you guys, and I haven’t heard a peep.”

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What makes the situation all the more infuriating is that this should be a year for a massive GOP victory, particularly considering that even Hispanics are starting to drift to the right thanks to the soft on crime policies of Democrats, as Tucker noted on his show, saying:

Then there’s also crime. Crime is the big one and seems likely more than any other issue, crime the increase in crime in the United States is moving Hispanic voters to the right.

Emphasizing that point, Tucker added It is entirely possible that like all normal people, Hispanic voters have come to despise the liberals that run them. Despise all the liberals that run them and nothing they say is truth and everything they touch turns to filth.

Such is what Kayleigh McEnany exposed as well on Fox News, sayingAnd then you look over to New York and these illegal migrants are staying in these big fancy hotels. What does this say to the blue-collar worker, the forgotten man and woman in this country? We don’t care about you. And you ask why there’s been a big flee of these Reagan Democrats, who were Democrats who voted for Reagan, Democrats who are now, have returned home to the Republican Party. It’s because of things like this. And each time they do this, it’s just putting a knife in that wound of the working class.

All that’s to say, the US should be looking at a massive red wave this November, particularly considering the horrendous oversteps of Team Biden, the Mar-a-Lago raid being chief among them, along with all the disasters that accompany Democrat governance.

But the feckless RINOs won’t fight. They’re busy begging for donations or otherwise being useless. And so the Democrats have been given a fighting chance. What a shame.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List