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Fauci Has Always Been a Disaster But, This is His Biggest Failure Ever

Now that the Anthony Fauci period may soon be coming to an end, at last! It may be helpful to reflect on the genuine damage this guy has done over the past couple of years during America’s most remarkable response to a viral epidemic. Indeed. Even in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, when 500 million people were afflicted and 50 million died, the American government’s reaction was restrained, and the economic impact was limited.

The immediate economic fallout for the US economy from the coronavirus pandemic is predicted to be disastrous. In comparison, while the Spanish flu also had some economic consequences, they were mostly modest and temporary,” wrote academics of financial services Efraim Benmelech and Carola Frydman in the early stages of Fauci’s orchestrated lock-down.

Under Anthony Fauci’s leadership and proposal, the American economy went inactive for “15 days to limit the spread”. It was later prolonged, causing economic and social consequences still felt across our nation.

As stated by the National Academy for State Health Policy, as of August 23, 14 states were still using Emergency Health procedures. 2 and a half years after Fauci’s first shut-down counsel, states grabbed control of their citizens’ rights, livelihoods, and liberty to “halt the spread.”

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But that’s not Fauci’s worst offense. The list goes on and on.

One may also bring up the fatalities caused by other diseases and illnesses that were not explored or addressed because of the new hospital protocols implemented following Fauci’s Napoleonic power grab. Let’s not forget the anguish of millions of Americans who died alone.

We may also consider missed academic and socializing years. The terrible effects of two years of isolation and academic apathy on students in states other than Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and a few others will take decades to truly understand.

Parents dissatisfied by their school board’s insistence on following Fauci’s lock-down methods were declared “domestic terrorists” by the Department of Justice. The FBI organized a special unit to pursue and investigate parents who merely wanted their children back in class. Fauci’s megalomania caused these terrible episodes.

Fauci was often wrong but never apologized. And he couldn’t have been more incorrect. As per his former colleague Deborah Birx, he declared a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” although he knew vaccinations could not prevent diseases. He famously instructed us not to wear masks since they would still not make a difference, then was spotted without one when the cameras weren’t rolling.

He maintained the Covid-19 virus originated in a Wuhan wet market until evidence forced him to backtrack. His errors and falsehoods continue, but that’s okay—we all make them. Saint Fauci never apologizes for this.

One crime stands out as Fauci’s worst: Anthony Fauci has eroded Americans’ trust in public health systems. When the next “expert” delivers public health information, recommendations, and warnings, most of us will be dubious and question whether it’s been politicized. This is Fauci’s fault.

Fauci is a liar. He recounted fantasy tales about several wolves and gave terrible advice on how to defend yourself from them, although stating they were harmless. Now, when we hear of a deadly wolf, we’ll dismiss the warnings. 

Fauci acted because he put his ego and political conflicts before his obligation to the American people and the truth. To Fauci, we say; So long, and thanks for nothing.