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Fauci Will Still Be Investigated For What Happened During The Pandemic Despite Resignation

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Anthony Fauci, announced Monday that he would be stepping down “to pursue the next chapter” of his career. Regardless of his resignation, Fauci still has to answer several questions concerning how he has handled his job so far, and the conservatives will ensure it.

Fauci had served in government for more than 50 years and was the government’s mouthpiece throughout the covid-19 pandemic. In other words, he was the mouthpiece for left-wing conspiracies and lies even before covid-19. Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy called Fauci “one of the great criminals of our civilization.”

Immediately after his announcement on Monday, conservative stars and political commentators replied via various means, ensuring him that he would not be let off so easily.

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The straightforward Rich started by tweeting, “Fauci has resigned. I’m guessing it’s so he has time to prepare with his lawyers for his appearance at the 2023 Nuremberg Code trials.”

Following him, conservative lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon also tweeted. He wrote, “Fauci catalyzed a massive loss of liberty for millions. Thanks to made-up policies—children uneducated, people fired for refusing experimental drug, offices & churches closed, productivity lost, Biden elected, big Pharma rich, Fauci’s work is done. How do we get our freedom back?”

In related news, viewers who saw that the conservatives meant business with Fauci asked for the reason behind their reactions, and Meghan McCain gave a perfect response. 

She replied, “Because he kept kids masked, isolated and out of school with little to no science backing it ~ and now god knows the negative longterm ramifications we will see on this generation. He put adults well being over children and I will never forgive it.”

It is also believed that Fauci chose this time to step down as it was apparent that the Republicans would emerge victorious in the midterms. 

Former White House Strategic Communications Director Mercedes Schlapp tweeted a confirmation of this. She tweeted, “It’s no coincidence that Dr. Fauci just announced that he will resign from the government in December, which is right after Republicans will take back the House and immediately plan oversight into our pandemic response and his funding of gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab.”

In agreement, Former first son Donald Trump Jr. also tweeted: “Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US’s top infectious disease expert who has seeming been wrong about everything since the AIDS epidemic, says he will retire by the end of the year likely to avoid being questioned by a GOP-controlled house on how he got everything so wrong for so long!”

Other conservative stars, including Glenn Beck, Brigitte Gabriel, Clay Travis, Ben Shapiro, and Harmeet Dhillon, also agreed with their posts on Twitter. If Fauci indeed chose to resign now to avoid answering to the law and Americans, he definitely made the wrong decision. He would not be able to do that on the watch of the conservatives who will make him provide needed answers.