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Gavin Newsom Unhinged: Calls for DOJ to Investigate Flights to Martha’s Vineyard for Kidnapping

After Governor Ron Desantis of Florida arranged to have 50 migrants routed to Martha’s Vineyard last Thursday, left-wing lunatic Governor Gavin Newson called for a US Department of Justice investigation into Desantis’s decision to reroute the migrants to Massachusetts’ playground of the elite.

Newsom called the actions of the popular Republican governor nothing more than a stunt that was done with cruel intentions to “humiliate and dehumanize children no older than the governor’s children themselves.” Newsom said during an interview with the Sacramento Bee. “It’s a disgrace, it’s repugnant, and, I would argue, it’s illegal.”

Newsom has gone as far as to send a letter to Attorney General Merrick asking that he investigate what DeSantis did to see if he could uncover any possible criminal or civil violations, particularly any “charges of kidnapping” after alleged “fraudulent inducement.”

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Newsom has called DeSantis and other GOP governors “functional authoritarians,” going as far as to say that the entire Republican Party “has crossed the rubicon of any decency.”

The Rubicon of Decency? Hold on a minute, lunatic. For months now, blue state governors have supported Biden’s administration’s wreckless human trafficking methods where illegals have been bussed and flown into red states all over the country in the middle of the night as part of some hair-brained progressive scheme to infiltrate red states with illegals who they hoped, in turn, would flood the polls with votes for democrats across the board. How well did they think this would work out for them with the illegals from Venezuela who have had to endure living in hell since 2008? These people know firsthand what a hellscape designed by the hands of progressives with socialist ideas looks like. Venezuela is no longer a country of thriving free enterprise. And this is what megalomaniacs like Gavin Newsom want to see the United States become, and sadly, it has already begun. The point that is being missed here is the point that governors like Ron DeSantis are trying to bring to the forefront: blue state lawmakers advocating for illegals to come into the United States are not openly embracing these people in their backyards; they are trying to (unsuccessfully) dump them in the middle of red states like Florida, or in states like Texas that has been dealing with the border crisis without any aid or relief from this sham of an administration. All Ron Desantis did was call them out for their hypocrisy and put them to the task.

Notice how fast the fifty migrants disappeared from white, liberal Martha’s Vineyard? And yet, the point is still lost on these progressive, liberal lawmakers who maintain the “not in my backyard” mentality. 

While DeSantis was sending an envoy to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two buses of immigrants to Washington, DC, to a location close to Vice President Kamala Harris’ DC home, who was furious.

Newsom has called the GOP a threat to Democracy, and the upcoming election “is a profound and existential moment” for the Democratic party. “Democracy is at risk with functional authoritarians,” Newsom said Thursday when speaking about the GOP.  

Newsom is correct in saying that Democracy is at risk with functional authoritarians. Still, he fails to realize, like most brainwashed progressives do, that their party is functioning this way, given the chance, will destroy our Constitutional Republic.