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“Good Sign of What?” Dem Strategist DESTROYED When Suggesting Biden Economy Going in the Right Direction

Fox Business Network’s Lisa Kennedy had a big night on her show last night, ripping into delusional leftist claims and hammering the state of the economy under President Slow Joe Biden in a number of epic soundbites.

Perhaps her best moment came when some delusional Democrat “strategist” was showing that the Democrat “strategy” for trying to lure voters back to the Democratic Party before midterms consists of lying, saying that the economy is heading “in the right direction” under Biden and that there are “good signs” right now.

What good signs? Well you’re not the only one thinking that. Kennedy was as well and she absolutely hammered the “strategist” for the ridiculous lie, mocking in a hilarious way and saying:

Good sign of what? That we’re not growing? That we’re not doing better? It’s like going to Weight Watchers and you put on 15 pounds and going ‘at least it wasn’t 25.‘”

Indeed, though perhaps all of America is going to Weight Watchers involuntarily now that food has gotten so expensive under Brandon.

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In any case, that wasn’t Kennedy’s only good moment. She also made a vulgar joke about Big Government, a consistent punching bag of the right, pointing out how terrible it is and how delusional our government officials are by saying:

Yeah. It’s like a gambler who is still at the table at 7 in the morning and, you know, the stack of chips are gone, you know, markers have been laid down and the gambler is like, all I need is like 15 more hands and I’m going to win back our life savings. This is going to be great.

“That’s not how it works. We’re being lied to and they don’t have a plan and shame on them, big government sucks wean.

And, if kids could vote, Kennedy would have turned them all into little Republicans last night, as she used the Bidenflation crisis to claim that Santa won’t be coming in December due to the dramatically higher prices for goods under the Biden regime, saying:

Santa’s not — Santa’s not coming this year because sleepy Joe ruined the economy.

“Can the nation save Christmas and Hanukkah? The GDP went negative for the second consecutive quarter. This means — drum roll please, we’re technically in a recession according to the federal beam counters, the economy shrank by 0.9% in g2 after 1.6% in the first quarter.

President Biden is still claiming, ‘we’re not in a recession, guys.’ Yeah, fingers in his ears. ‘La la la la la.’ In fact today he got in front of the camera and actually said’ everything’s great. So great.’

Cue the narrator to say “but everything was not great” because it, as Kennedy pointed out, certainly isn’t. Inflation has made prices unbearable, the economy is contracting, the politicians have no idea what to do, and the Biden regime is stuck between just blatantly lying and being absolutely delusional about the state of things.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List