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“Great Revolution”: Gingrich Has Great News for Republicans

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has great news for Republicans that are ready to move definitely past the “country club Republican” days of white shoe RINOs like Mitt Romney and toward a harder-nosed MAGA agenda of the sort that President Trump represented.

What was that good news? Well, according to Gingrich, who recently spoke about the issue to Just the News’ John Solomon reports podcast, we’re headed toward a “great revolution” in how Americans vote, with the working close looking more conservative and Republican in outlook as the more educated drift farther and farther to the left.

Specifically, the former Speaker of the House commented that the “great revolution” is taking place because those Americans who did not attend a traditional, four year college are “increasingly likely to be Republican.”

That idea is one that makes sense given the anti-working class policies of the left, the nature of Trump’s message and its appeal for those who work with their hands and have seen jobs disappear to China thanks to Mitt Romney and Joe Biden types, and the utter scorn directed at the non-university educated by the leftist radicals.

In any case, Gingrich didn’t end there, but rather went on to note that the “great revolution” he predicts is important because “two out of three Americans may have gone to either vocational school or junior college and high school but they didn’t go to a four-year college,” which means that, if he’s right about voting patterns in the future, Democrats will be left with “only the one-third that went to a four-year college.”

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Ignored in that, however, is that the college educated one-third generally has more access to high-powered personal and financial capital because of their time in universities, time that leads to both connections and credentials, which could help Democrats continue to fight Republicans even if the mass of the population gradually shifts right.

Continuing, he went on to say that “oddly, that makes Republicans, the mirror image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s great majority,” a majority which flipped the voting demographics of Republicans and Democrats during the chaos of the Great Depression.

Gingrich also noted that as the general idea of the GOP as a working class party “seeps into Latino communities, Asian American communities, Native Americans and African Americans” we will see the Democrats left with a smaller voter base.

As an example of how the gradual shift could become hugely important, he described Florida, a former battleground state turned solidly red by DeSantis and his popular policies, along with attempts to purge Broward county of voter fraud problems.

Hopefully Gingrich is right, though his idea that minorities will start shifting right, particularly blacks, seems unlikely at best.

Still, given the way things are going and the hold the left has on eduction, his idea about the party of the working class might be the best chance the GOP has left.

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