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Gritty Republicans Not Giving up on Arizona Senate Race Despite Being Clear Underdogs

Kelly maintains a lead in public polls over Masters, a former private equity executive whose camp is on a far smaller budget and has no advertising planned until Election Day, as reported by AdImpact. Senate Majority PAC, the super PAC allied with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Kelly’s sizable campaign account have far outspent the Republicans in Arizona when it comes to television advertising. 

Sentinel Action Fund’s multi-million ad buy comes after the leading Senate Republican expenditure group, Senate Leadership Fund, reduced its budget in Arizona, preferring instead to invest significantly in states more expected to trigger a GOP triumph this fall. 

It is in Arizona, as Anderson put it, where “the battle for America’s soul” is being fought. “It is time for every part of the conservative coalition to deploy every resource to win the Senate and show up to support our conservative candidates like Blake Masters.” 

The super PAC, according to Anderson, always planned to spend money in Arizona’s Senate race, but they made the decision to do so now due to the recent “dustup” involving GOP funding for the race. The super PAC was launched this spring. 

The Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), which is connected with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, slashed its Arizona ad buy by $8 million (almost half) at the end of last month. That got people wondering if Masters’ friend and former employer, billionaire Peter Thiel, would throw more money into the contest. It’s estimated that Thiel spent around $13.5 million to help Masters in the primary. 

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After nixing $3.5 million in ads there from its individual expenditure arm last quarter in order to schedule them at a lower price in partnership with Masters’ campaign, which could also receive a lower priced candidate rate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s capacity to spend extra funds in the state remains unknown.

According to AdImpact, Democrats have spent $39 million on advertisements between now and Election Day, while Republicans have spent only $14 million. Sentinel Action’s door-to-door campaign will kick off in Arizona today, and Anderson promised that ads will start airing as soon as possible. Field personnel would focus discussions on inflation and crime, she said. 

We have felt a big movement with conservative voters wanting to support Masters, but recognizing that the conventional GOP organizations on the spending were heading in a different path to other locations in the country,” Anderson said. 

She stated the “heart and soul” of Sentinel Action are its underground members, who urged the organisation to step up and boost Masters. President Joe Biden won by a razor-thin margin, and the state’s governor and legislative power are authorizing conservative initiatives, such as a school discounts initiative that was signed into law this summer, but according to Anderson, the group still thinks there’s a chance to flip a Senate seat in the state. 

The Heritage-affiliated super PAC wants to make phone calls and send text messages to a total of one million voters. The $5 million expenditure is its biggest in a state this fall. Heritage Action has been targeting Senate democrats in Nevada and New Hampshire with advertising this summer.