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Gun Ban Advocates Look Away in Horror as Concealed-Carry Saved The Day After Attacker Shot Two People at Party

Raul Mendez’s left eye was shot during a Fourth of July spree in Arizona this summer, leaving him unconscious. 

Mendez informed Fox News that with God’s help, he woke up as other partygoers screamed and fatally shot the perpetrator before he could kill or harm more people. 

In a National Rifle Association film, Mendez said that without his gun, everyone in the home would have died, and news vehicles would’ve been front and center. Because he did, no one knew.

On July 3, Mendez, his two kids, and his pregnant wife attended a party in Sunrise with friends and other families, Fox News reported. 

Mendez said the host’s neighbor attended the party despite not knowing anyone there. Police later identified that person as 46-year-old Jason Hunt, who opened fire inexcusably, according to the Arizona Republic. 

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Mendez told Fox News that Hunt was dining in the kitchen with other partygoers when he started shooting, sending everyone scattering. 

Mendez said he had his back turned. The first shot made him turn his head. Before he could look, a bullet had hit his face. 

Fox News reports that Mendez was shot in front of his wife, who thought he was dead owing to the blood on his face. 

She took their two daughters and barricaded them in a room, the cable network alleged. 

She barricaded the door with the dresser. There were three other children in there, not including my two daughters. A total of five kids. She … throws them in the closet and throws clothes over them. Tells them, ‘Be quiet. Do not make a peep if you hear loud noises in this room,’” Mendez told Fox News about his wife’s decisions. 

Mendez claimed two other women began battling the guy and yelling for him because they knew he had a concealed gun. 

Mendez told Fox News that he was able to hear screams for help due to God’s glory, adrenaline, and his determination to live and protect his family. It was called. He rose. 

Mendez then reportedly shot the guy four times in the chest. 

Two of Mendez’s pals, Conrradito Ochoa Navarro, 41, and Carl Dinora, 38, were killed, Fox News reported. 

KTAR-TV reported that police stated Mendez and others acted in self-defense and defense of innocents. 

Fox News claimed the Sunrise police department didn’t immediately reply to calls for case updates. 

Mendez lost his left eye, sense of smell, fractured jaw, and tore a eardrum, according to Fox News. He spent a week in the clinic and will undergo more surgeries. 

Mendez also discusses the Second Amendment as well as how law-abiding, armed citizens may halt shootings, the cable network stated. 

This world is unpredictable. And honestly, at the end of the day, the people that want to ban guns, they’re only banning it from good people, not criminals,” he told Fox News. “Because again, there [are] no gun laws for criminals.” 

Mendez has since bought two more firearms for his family to practice with, saying they are “more ready to confront evil than ever,” Fox News said. 

Mendez, a lifetime NRA member, praised the Second Amendment and criticized the media for not publicizing his tale, the cable network reported.