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Hahaha! Hunter Biden Looking To Avoid Paying Child Support Because of This Reason

Hunter Biden requests a reduction in the child support he must pay for his illegitimate child because his income has decreased. It’s difficult when you no longer benefit financially from your father’s fame. 

On Monday, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, asked a court in Arkansas to adjust his monthly payments owing to “financial conditions, including but not restricted to his salary.” He claimed in the paperwork that his current child support estimate “is not in accordance with ‘Revised Administrative Order 10’ for these modifications. State child support obligations are specified in Administrative Order 10. 

After denying being the father for four or five years, the shamed son of the free world’s president was forced to accept the truth when former stripper Lunden Roberts launched a paternity suit in 2019. An obligatory DNA test confirmed his status as the doting father. Of course, he has never met the kid, and Grandfather Joe has never acknowledged the kid’s existence, even though he talks about his grandchildren all the time.

Sometimes the President forgets that he has seven grandchildren, but he never forgets to announce Hunter’s newest addition. 

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She’s a happy, healthy, gorgeous little girl that looks like a cross between her mother with some Biden splattered in,” Roberts’ attorney Clint Lancaster said on Tuesday of the 4-year-old. “Except for the fact that neither her father nor her grandfather show any interest in her, [she] succeeds brilliantly. The two have never met, and she claims that she has no idea who they are.

The values held by the Biden family were on full display. 

Lancaster expressed skepticism about Hunter’s newfound poverty in an interview with the Northwest Arkansas Gazette published on Tuesday. He promised to continue his investigation. According to him, they will have to investigate Hunter’s money extensively. “I’m going to want to have a deposition with Mr. Biden. Like last time, I’m going to bring my forensic accountant to the deposition, unless the judge tells me I can’t.” 

Come with your forensic accountant, Clint, please! Investigating Hunter’s bank records would be a thrilling adventure, leading to the exposure of the Biden family’s unethical practices and payments to “the Big Guy.” Since the discovery of his “laptop from hell,” we’ve learned, the struggling financier has been the subject of a federal probe for tax fraud and other offenses. Despite reams of evidence that he profited from then-Vice President Joe Biden’s influence, the investigations always appear to be reaching the “critical stage.” Yet, he still doesn’t get charged with anything.

A judge’s decision to seal all records in the case where Hunter is accused of lying on a background check to buy a gun, a serious felony, is puzzling. The court made mention of Hunter’s desire for anonymity and even made a great allusion to his shockingly scandalous autobiography “Beautiful Things,” released in 2021. Does anybody else get the sense that Hunter isn’t treated the same way the rest of us are? 

The fact that Biden suddenly declared himself an “artist” and managed to extort $75,000 from buyers for his sloppy paintings makes his claims of poverty even more difficult to believe. In 2020, he was driving a Porsche Panamera and renting a $12,000 a month house in the Hollywood Hills. 

The actual cost of Hunter Biden’s tragedy is sometimes overlooked despite the fact that it has been filthy, sad, puzzling, and infuriating to watch the Department Of justice and complicit media cover for him repeatedly. Not Hunter; I have zero empathy for that con man. That honor goes to the little girl who might never meet her father and isn’t even considered a person by her own grandfather, Joe Biden. 

We can agree to disagree on matters of policy, but as a family guy, Joe, you have failed miserably.