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“He Is Brian Williams meets Jussie Smollett”: Biden the Liar Gets Skewered in a Hilarious Way

Slow Joe Biden isn’t just incompetent and a political hack that is far too old and senile to be president, though all of those descriptions of him seem to be quite accurate.

No, according to Fox News contributor Joe Concha, who appeared on that network to discuss Biden’s lies and failing presidency, he’s also a liar who’s like a combination of Jussie Smollett and Brian Williams.

Making that point, he first highlighted the real intent behind the current media hits on Biden, claiming that they’re an attempt to distract Americans from the failures of his policies and make it appear like it’s really his age, not his policies, behind his failures as president. In Concha’s words:

I keep hearing about now suddenly Joe Biden is too old to be president when 18 months ago, when he was running for president, it was perfectly fine. It’s almost an excuse that, well, if not for his age, maybe things would be going better. No, it’s always been about the policy.

“It’s always been about…the things they want to implement, like saying if we spend trillions or more dollars on top of the trillions we’ve spent, that will lower inflation and the deficit. It’s actually an argument that this president and this administration makes, which is complete and utter nonsense.

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Concha then hilarious ripped Biden for doing so poorly in the polls, pointing out that Biden’s always been below average, saying:

And, look, Joe Biden having these numbers, quite frankly, is one of the least surprising things we’ve seen in modern politics.

I mean, this is a man who is profoundly below average in terms of a student and, by the way, was a serial plagiarist all the way back to law school, going through to the first time he ran for president, and then beyond that when he was a senator.

Picking up the threat created by the line about plagiarism, Concha then made a hilarious joke comparing him to Brian Williams and Jussie Smollett, both of whom are (in)famous liars, with Jussie falsely claiming Trump supporters attacked him and Williams lying about being in a helicopter shot down in Iraq. Concha, making that point, said:

“He tells tall tale after tall tale, as if he is Brian Williams meets Jussie Smollett of politics, and he failed upwards through the Senate, to the vice presidency, and all the way to the presidency, and now he’s polling lower easily than any first-term president from Truman to Trump.

“And when two thirds of your own party is begging you not to seek a second act and running for re-election, that shows you he really had no base in the first place.”

This isn’t the first time that Concha has compared Biden the liar to Brian Williams. He did so back in December as well, saying:

Yeah. Ben, it’s the Brian Williams presidency at this point, right? It’s not just that President Biden is a serial liar, he does it in the spirit of the former NBC News nightly anchor. He lies for no apparent reason.

“It’s not like, you know, he is in some sort of tough interview and then he grabs for something. What compels a president like he did a couple of weeks ago to say that he consulted with Golda Meir, right, who — he said that he consulted her during the Six-Day War in 1967 while he was a law student. What compels Joe Biden to say that he was arrested in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela? That never happened.

“And the answer is, I guess, to your point, he feels he can always get away with it because he knows there won’t be any true consequences. He eventually became president, after all. And that’s despite, remember, his first run for president going for the White House, he had to drop out due to plagiarism, stealing somebody else’s work as his own. Look, if Biden ran on being the second coming of George Washington in terms of trust, he is as trusted as Jussie Smollett at this point.”

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