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Here is What Defunding The Police Gets You! 30% Increase in Crime Rate

Democrat representative Jamaal Bowman, who has always pushed to defund the police, has experienced firsthand how that would affect society. The New York Democrat has witnessed a skyrocketing crime in the Northern Bronx part of his district. 

Bowman, who joined the leftist cabal with Representative Cori Bush last January, has been vocal about his support for dismantling the criminal justice system.

 Bowman tweeted the month after his election on the 29th of December, 2020, “A system this cruel and inhumane can’t be reformed. Defund the police, and defund the system that’s terrorizing our communities.”

On the 19th of April, 2021, he tweeted, “Republicans want to defund every government program except for those that actively terrorize Black and brown people.” Again, in October 2019, he tweeted, “It’s time to disarm the police.”

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Since joining the democrats, he has been vocal about his support for disarming the police department. However, since he took office, his district has seen a spike in violent crimes. This insurgence continues to grow, especially in the Northern Bronx region of his 16th congressional district. This includes the Spuyten Duyvil, Woodlawn, Eastchester Heights, and Co-op City neighborhoods of the New York City borough.

His district encircles part of precincts 45, 47, and 50 in the Bronx, according to the New York City Police Department’s crime map. In these precincts, at least seven major crime categories are recorded weekly. These crime categories are not limited to grand larceny, grand larceny auto, burglary, assault, robbery, rape, and even murder. 

This year, the total number of violent crimes recorded is above 3,000. According to the New York Police Department, this number has increased by almost a thousand compared to last year. Compared to the previous year, the rate of violent crimes in the Northern Bronx is already up by about 30% and is still increasing. 

Precinct 50 records the most significant surge with a 74% increase. This precinct encircling Spuyten Duyvil neighborhoods, Fieldston, and Riverdale, also recorded a 123.5% increase in robberies and a 153% increase in grand larceny auto since last year.

So far, every single district under Bowman has experienced a significant surge in violent crimes. Even the less populated cities like Mount Vernon have seen a 39.4% increase this year compared to 2021, with a 20.7% jump in robberies and a 21.7% increase in burglaries.

The district of Ocasio-Cortez, which shares precinct 45 in the Bronx with Bowman, had complained about this during the George Floyd unrest of 2020. There was a proposal to cut a billion dollars from the police department’s annual report. However, Ocasio-Cortez complained that that amount was not enough, arguing that “Defunding police means defunding police.”

However, Bowman has proved to be a complete hypocrite as he requested police protection at his Yonkers home days after the 6th of January Capitol protest. These same democrats who have pushed to defund the police department are also the ones guilty of using the department as social services. They have made officers work extra hours, even on holidays and weekends, for their protection. 

In conclusion, the protection of these democrat representatives is more important than the security in their districts. This is crystal clear as they have protection 24/7 but still push to defund the department because the people do not need to be protected.