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“He’s Being Dishonest Purposefully”: Joe Biden Gets Raked Over the Coals by Florida AG

As anyone with a bit of common sense and access to the internet, social media, or a newspaper can tell you, the US-Mexico border is an utter disaster right now. Like “bigly” a disaster, as Trump might say. Or a “yuge” disaster, were he on the stage and mocking Jeb! Bush for his contemptible weakness.

But Team Biden, of course, won’t recognize that or admit to it in the public sphere. It’d rather just keep hiding the ball, pretending like everything is fine at the border zone despite the massive horde of humanity flooding across it. Apparently, it’s not a problem because…the bad orange man is no longer in office, or something.

Well, AG Moody of Florida wasn’t having those lies. Not one bit. And so she scorched Biden’s disaster of an administration to a crisp during an appearance on Fox News Channel, calling him a liar and exposing the truth about the Biden regime disaster. In her words:

One part you didn’t see there, he testified these policies that are encouraging this incredible surge into our country is putting Americans and migrants more at risk, I saw when circumstance Alejandro Mayorkas testified before Congress, blatant mistruth, he was making false statements. We said, ‘we know you say you are managing the border, we have a documents that says the opposite’ and yesterday the White House press secretary said people are not just walking in, I felt compelled to share this.

“It is absolutely happening and it is not slightly increasing, these are numbers that are historic, we’ve never seen anything like this, just in fiscal year, close to 3 million than 2 million just in encountered at the border and that is about the population of North Dakota, South Dakota and Delaware combined in one fiscal year. I know they want to deny, deny, deny, deny, no recession or inflation, there is not a surge at the border, somebody needs to expose this. The administration is being dishonest purposefully and I’m proud to do it, stand up for the truth because it is important.

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And Moody wasn’t the only one to sound off on the lies of the Biden Administration. Fox News personality Lisa Boothe blasted another lie from Slow Joe’s administration as well, arguing that the biggest lie of all is that Joe is a good guy.

Indeed. Though the border might be a disaster despite what his hacks claim, though inflation is breaking the backs of many an American despite their assurances that everything is rockin’ in the USA, despite their assurances that gas prices are great, the biggest lie of all is that Joe is a nice old man. He’s not. He’s a jerk and always has been, as shown by his utterly disgraceful attempt to discredit Justice Clarence Thomas during Thomas’ confirmation hearing.

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