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‘Hey, at Least You’re Not Starving to Death’: Tucker Hammers Biden’s Economic Disaster, Messaging [WATCH]

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson tore into Team Brandon with a vengeance during a recent segment of his show, hammering the senile Resident in Chief’s messaging on the topic of the recession we all know to be here and commenting on how bad things have gotten economically.

At one point, Tucker made a particularly good point about how Democrats are changing language and its meaning in an attempt to win political battles, using the example of how they call men women to expose the messaging that Team Biden has been using surrounding the current recession and what it really means.

Beginning that takedown of their language lies, Tucker commented on the “men are women” line and lies surrounding the border as a lead in to explaining what they’re saying about the economy, saying:

“If we call a man a woman, that’s what she has. If we call an open border a secure border, that’s what we have.

“As you saw, if we tell you a collapsing economy is a robust economy, then it’s time to celebrate our newfound prosperity and feel free to buy champagne on your EBT card. It’s on us. It turns out when you think you’re gone, all that matters is what you say, your commands.

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Continuing, Tucker went on to highlight what specifically they’re saying regarding the recession and how Team Biden is attempting to change the meaning of recession to avoid having to admit that Biden has plunged us into one, saying:

In the beginning was the word. This week the word was definitely not recession. That word is now inoperative. It is obsolete and frankly it’s embarrassing. It is like ‘stewardess’ or ‘fireman’ or ‘The Orient.’ It’s not something you say around educated people.

“To herald this important new change to our language, July 21st the White House officially changed the definition of recession. They said it. In a blog post officials complain that two consecutive quarters of declining GDP is “neither the official definition or the way economists evaluate the state of the business cycle.” Not convinced? You’re not watching television because every official in the Biden Administration, all these credentialed economists, went on camera to swear it was true.”

Watch Tucker here:

Good stuff from Tucker, as always, but that wasn’t all. He also used scary new data coming out of food banks to highlight how bad the economy has gotten, forcing people to rely on charity for food even as the Biden Administration claims that food is easy to get. In his words:

“The food bank used to distribute 150,000 meals a day and now they’re up to a quarter million and that number is rising. The food bank’s director says the cause is inflation. “it costs quite a bit to put millions and millions of pounds of food out the door every week and every month.”

“So does the White House notice any of this? Do they know it’s happening? Who knows what they know. They certainly don’t care. They are saying it out loud. Joe Biden’s top economic advisor Brian Deese is telling you that it doesn’t matter. You’re worried about inflation? Well, it’s easy for Americans to find food says Brian Deese.”

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