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Hilarious: Dem Candidate Squirms When Asked If She Wants Biden Running with Her

You’d think that if you were a candidate running for office, particularly in a state that normally is opposed to your party and what it stands for, that if you had the opportunity for the president to come out and rally support for you, then you’d jump at the opportunity.

The president is, well, the president, after all, so having the president come help you out seems like it would be a big boon for your campaign and something that could help with raising money, if nothing else.

Well, in normal circumstances that might be true, but the current President is Slow Joe Biden. He’s none too popular with, well, pretty much anyone right now thanks to the disaster in Afghanistan, the inflation crisis, the gas price crisis, the disaster at the border, rising crime rates, our perceived weakness abroad, and all the other problems that have cropped up since Slow Joe entered the White House.

And so Florida Democratic candidate Annette Taddeo, when asked if she wanted Biden to come help her out and campaign with her, squirmed and did her best to dodge the question.

That happened on Saturday, with Taddeo speaking to CNN’s Boris Sanchez about her campaign and President Joe Biden.

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Sanchez, after noting that Biden’s approval rating is now somewhere in the 40s, went on to ask directly if she wanted Biden’s help, asking:

“Would you like to see him come down to campaign with you?”

Despite the very direct question, Taddeo refused to give a direct answer, squirming and dodging while rambling without ever actually saying “yes” or “no”. In her words:

Look, I know that I have my own campaign to win, and we will get lots of help from lots of people, but at the end of the day, I know that the way that I win this race is by us actually telling my story, telling why we need a real representative. We have somebody right now that votes constantly against our community.”

Notice anything weird about that statement? Namely that she never actually responded to the question and said whether she would or wouldn’t want Biden’s help with campaigning.

So, in other words, her answer was “I do not in any way want to be associated with that laughing stock of a president, as having him around would be a disaster for my campaign. But I can’t say that, so I’m just going to ramble a bit and then turn to attacking my opponent on some minor issue to distract people from my not wanting to be associated with the senile president.”

Fair enough. Were any of us her and attempting to win a campaign, having Biden around would probably be the last thing we’d want. Well, second to last. Having Cackling Kamala around would probably be even worse.

That’s bad news for Biden. Despite the student loan forgiveness, despite his claims about the price of gas, he’s still so unpopular that even his own party doesn’t want him around.

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