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Hilarious: Right Wing Troll Alex Stein Mocks, Humiliates Masked Vice Reported at CPAC [WATCH]

Remember Alex Stein, the Twitter troll that waited outside the Capitol so that he could call Rep. AOC a “big booty Latina” and harass her for wanting to “kill babies,” sending her into an absolute meltdown while her fiancee just ran away?

Well, he’s at it again, this time by hilariously humiliating a masked Vice reporter that was covering CPAC, drawing attention to her and mocking her for wearing a mask and so obviously judging everyone at CPAC.

Watch Stein here:

As you can hear in the hilarious video, Stein, drawing attention to masked Vice reporter Tess Owen, started mocking her and drew a crowd around him, saying “This is Vice, guys. She’s trying to troll this event.

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A crowd gradually formed, obviously wanting to watch the hilarity of Stein trolling the MSM hack that showed up the event, laughing as he continued to mock her, saying:

She thinks all you guys are losers. That’s what she posts on the internet. She posts the most out-of-context stuff. See, Vice is the worst media company there is. They’re all liars, so what do you think about your crappy media company?

Stein went on to mess with Owen, asking her if she did drugs and saying “she’s a loser right here.

Emphasizing why he thinks she’s a loser, he drew attention to her mask, something which almost no one else at CPAC was wearing, saying “She’s the only one in a mask. You see this? This is what a loser looks like.

Owen, who then bizarrely decided to engage with Stein, told him that she was wearing a mask because she has a wedding coming up in a few weeks.

That was a bad decision because it just got Stein even more attention and gave him more to go on, with him commenting “That’s great! I wonder how many vaccines he has.”

He then kept poking fun at her for being masked, not letting her get away and instead following, saying:

“She’s the only one in a mask here! She probably has the coronavirus and the viral shedding. You guys see! This is a Vice journalist, it’s a lying media company.”

Stein later retweeted a post from conservative commentator Christina Pushaw, who, commenting on the event and the fact that the Vice reporter was even there in the first place, said:

All I have to say to this debate around trolling journalists in real life is that media activists from publications like “VICE” should not be allowed into conservative conferences to begin with. They abhor us. Nobody on either side will get harassed if they aren’t allowed in.

But without Owen being there Stein would have had to find someone else to mock and troll, so perhaps a token leftie should always be allowed in as a target of mockery.

Last time Stein was performing a viral stunt in Texas he whipped a crowd into a frenzy calling RINO Congressman Dan Crenshaw “Eyepatch McCain,” and while that was hilarious, this might have been even better. Comment which troll of his you liked more below!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

Image credit: Rumble screengrab