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HUH? Political Pundit Suggests Dems Should Recruit Pop Singer To Replace Sleepy Joe

In case you needed more evidence that we live in a bizarro world, I invite you to look to political pundit and rabid anti-Trumper Bill Kristol’s recent tweet suggesting the embattled Democrat party recruit an R&B singer to take over from Sleepy Joe, comparing this singer to the current president of an Eastern European country.

Kristol likes the idea of woke lefty singer John Legend as leader of the free world, and let it be known to the world in response to a mass e-mail Legend sent on behalf of Demoncrats. Kristol took to Twitter to tweet:

“I’ve been saying for a while that we need as our next president our version of the admirable Volodymyr Zelensky,” Kristol wrote. “Today I got another ‘personal message’ — i.e., mass e-mail — from @johnlegend on behalf of Democrats. Which leads me to ask: When Biden steps aside — John Legend in 2024?” Kristol added.

Kristol got his wish as his tweet was quickly taken on by the social media community, with many people mocking the pundit’s idea, and others expressing confusion.

We need a president owned by a corrupt oligarch? Odd take,” one Twitter user wrote.

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“Dammit! Had an idea to vote for Trump should he run in ’24. Bill Kristol getting a ‘personal message’ from Hollywood’s John Legend changes everything,” one Twitter user quipped.

Several users pointed out how far Kristol as fallen from his illustrious career as advisor to President Reagan and Bush, Sr., to trying to make himself relevant by ingratiating himself to popular culture.

“Imagine going from advising Reagan and Bush Sr. to posting stuff like this,” another said.

Others questioned the veracity of the tweet, suggesting it had to be fake:

“This has to be a troll, right?” another asked.

“This is a parody account now, right?” another echoed.

Still others suggested intoxicants must have played a part in Kristol sending his tweet:

“No amount of crack can get me hit send on this kind of tweet,” another Twitter user reacted.

“Bill is day drinking again,” another tweeted.

But the best response might be author and podcaster Michael Malice’s, who referred to Bill Kristol as “a literal pile of goo.”

Kristol is no stranger to strange tweets, and the Twitterverse has responded in kind. Earlier this year, Kristol compared President Brandon’s call for a regime change in Russia to former President Ronald Reagan’s iconic “tear down this wall” speech, claiming that both comments were considered “gaffes,” with Reagan’s comment eventually hailed as heroic and providential. Several world leaders criticized Brandon for his comments at the time, stating that it could compromise peace negotiations.

In a speech to an audience in Poland in March, Brandon said “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He later walked back his comment after backlash from political pundits (except for Kristol) and Twitter users, telling reporters when he was back in the United States that he was not advocating a regime change in Russia. As Breitbart reported:

“Mr. President, do you want Putin removed? Mr. President were you calling for regime change?” a reporter shouted.

“No,” [Brandon] replied before entering his presidential limousine and motorcading back to the White House.

No word yet whether Legend plans to heed Kristol’s call and throw his hat into the political ring, or if Sleepy Joe is even aware of Kristol’s deranged suggestion.