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Hunter Biden’s laptop could eventually be declared national security threat

Hunter Biden’s laptop raises concerns and could be deemed a national security threat amid investigation. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo with more.

It’s not fully clear on what Hunter Biden’s laptop contains, but commentary on the issue suggests there’s a possibility that a national security threat could be deemed.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was recently said to be real in a report by the NY Times.

Trump slammed the NY Times after they revealed Hunter Biden’s laptop was real, according to a report by NY Post:

Former President Donald Trump took a shot at the New York Times during a rally on Saturday, after the paper “finally admitted” Hunter Biden’s laptop exists. The Times confirmed the laptop and emails with Ukrainian business associates in an article published on the federal probe into the first son’s tax filings, with were exclusively reported by the Post in October 2020.

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“Just last week the failing New York Times finally admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. Remember when they said it was done by Russia?” Trump said to a crowd of his supporters in Commerce, outside of Atlanta. “Putin’s got bigger problems right now but he must’ve thought we were nuts.

The full uncensored contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop remain to be seen, leaving a lot of space for commentary and speculation.